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The main Jewish holidays


In the Bible there are two beginnings calendar year. One is New Year fall (month Tichri) and evokes the creation of the world, and the other is the year of spring (the Pessah holiday) that evokes the birth of Israel.

Another holiday is Rosh ha Shana ceremonies marking the beginning of the new fall. This is a day dedicated to rest and repentance of reason. Remember the sacrifice of Abraham and waiting evoking revelation coming of the Messiah.

The holy day of all is Yom Kippur. This is a day of rest absolute of fasting (not eating and not drink anything), abstinence, prayer and repentance. On this day the participant to ask forgiveness before God must straighten sins committed against the neighbor, this day being called into repentance and forgiveness. "The Lord God says: I wish I did and I'm not likely death of the wicked to repent and be alive?" (Ezekiel 18.23)

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