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Sefirot Tree


Their tree-sefirothe (tree of life) is an abstraction of creation and energy plans that exist throughout the human being and macrocosm. Escaping Sefiroth-they represent the Divine rays that are 10 in number. The branches of this tree lies in the entire universe is a diagram of any phenomenon or process showing how the divine descends into manifestation in which man can ascend to God. Each sefirotha is guarded by various orders of angels and each has a password, a name Divine knowledge of which show the student has gained wisdom and meet the requirements to climb in that area.
sefiroth the first is God, first cause, crown . It is called Kether. From Kether emanate two opposing principles: hocmah and Binah, which are two polarities of the Divine intellect. The first polarity is male, positive, dynamic, life-giving spirit, the father of all things and the second passive, representing the dark waters of Genesis but contain potential richness of life to the world, signifying mother.

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