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Lost worlds


Opposite the mysterious continent of Atlantis, there are many hypotheses, but this would be if it never began there had been accounts of Plato, Greek philosopher (427-347 i.Hr). In two of his dialogues he says the following: Atlantis was an island larger than Libya and Asia put together and they are beyond the columns of Hercules (Gibraltar likely). With six thousand years before Solon (640-558 i.Hr), Atlantis was a powerful kingdom with a constitution refined civilization refined policy and political base ideal. Because of decay and desire to conquer the Atlanteans sparked anger the gods and Atlantis was submerged under water. Plato said that he had heard the story from Critias, who in turn had heard from his grandfather and his grandfather Critias heard from Solon himself one.

A similar story was known in Egypt (2000-1700 i.Hr). In a papyrus is shipwrecked traveler tells of an Egyptian happenings that while traveling to the mines of Pharaoh, his ship failed.

After being thrown on the shore of an island unknown to the waves, he was pulled by a dragon in his dwelling, but you do no harm. Dragon told that the island was canva feiiti locita 75 dragons, and that the island was a land of wealth and desires fulfilled. But presently he no longer lived than the rest had been burned by a shooting star. Dragon, after the needles to ensure that it is saved by an Egyptian ship that never said it will review the island because it will be swallowed by water.

Another story about a happy and prosperous island would be submerged in the sea appears in the Mahabharata, the Indian epic, it can be a common myth or more people they knew or had contact with Atlantis.

Recent historical evidence imply that in the past there had been such an island, archaeologists trying to locate field. Greek archaeologist S. Marinatos, found the center of a large city where houses have been preserved with all 2 or 3 floors depicting scenes from everyday life. Also found almost intact furniture, ceramic but no trace of human bones and jewelry. All this was discovered on the small volcanic island of Santorini in the Aegean. Many believe that this volcano erupted would be covered and the mysterious submerged continent of Atlantis, because after calculations Volcanology explosion was 4 times stronger than the volcano located between Sumatra and Java Cracatoa. Ash spit in the explosion could cover certain portions of the island with a layer 30 m thick.

Another hypothesis was launched by Ferdinand Fouque French volcanologist, who discovered the island in the Aegean Tera a city buried in volcanic ash over 3,000 years ago. Medieval authors cosiderau Atlantis as a real place, knowing the story of Atlantis from Arab geographers. They considered a paradise island called Atlantis lucky island, the island of seven cities or Brendan island and were all marked on maps fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. And psychic healer Edgar Cayce ameican (1877-1945), prophesied that Atlantis continents will begin to rise again under the water, saying even place in the Bahamas in 1968 or 1969. An extraordinary coincidence makes an airline pilots in 1968 to photograph the silhouettes of buildings in this island off Bimini, the Bahamas and underwater explorations have revealed the seabed paved roads, cyclopean walls, pyramids and stone circles. Edgar Cayce believed that Atlanteans controlled Atomic Energy Agency and the principles of flight and knew that it was destroyed civilatia 3 nuclear disaster, the last about 10,000 BC

Madame Blavatsky claimed that Atlantis was in the north and was populated Atlanticu Atlantic highly refined lemurs descended from the "original fourth race of mankind."

Also other occultists believe that the Atlanteans manipulated energy crystals and the elements using highly advanced technologies based on natural principles. It is assumed that finished were very advanced spiritually, can communicate telepathically with a constitution based on love and tolerance and thus keeping long spiritual empire.

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