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Lost worlds


Nobody knows exactly where the Eldorado. Although many went in search of hoping to find wonderful treasures of gold I'm talking about the legends of South America. Some thought that this fabulous land is on the shores of Lake Guatavita in northeast Bogota. Others were thought to Manoa mythical country where they are on the hills across the river Orinoco Buianeze.

In the language of the natives of South America, Eldorado means "golden man" and this community is woven around the mythology of the golden man. A ritual reported by an eyewitness that took place in the vast lagoon and relative Guatavita in 1636 described a Spanish chronicler, "during the ceremony of the lagoon built a raft of rushes filled the variety of things they had, they settled her four fireplaces with burning cinder where incense, resins and many other perfumes. During this time they stripped the heir of clothes anointing it with something sticky over with gold dust blowing all info and covering him in her legs have put a lot of gold and emeralds that their god gave them.

When the raft left the shore music broke with trumpets, flutes and other instruments. Indian golden god gave throwing offering plenty in the lake and vassals accompanying him did the same thing. With this ceremony the new ruler was accepted and recognized as king. "This ceremony shows that Eldorado is rather a spiritual community based on ideology, living in prosperity and harmony. Gold has an essential quality universal symbolism, that the Philosopher's Stone by solar man , cosmic mystics in the sense of perfect man. Land of gold, the gold man stands so purely spiritual community.

New heads of communities on the shores of Lake Guatavita are anointed with resin and then they blow through a tube gold dust skin ritual significance imbuing the idea that people are ruled by man golden, solar man, perfect man - who alchemical alchimizat the lower nature in pure gold.

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