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Lost worlds


For scientists to find a link between India and mainland America was necessary, otherwise it could explain the distribution of fauna and flora of the Indian Ocean such as for example the presence of lemurs, the creature that lives on the island of Madagascar, but less in Africa, even in India or Malaysia archipelago. Other animals and plants have raised the same issue. How could lemurs pass over the Indian Ocean? A poorly preserved and document a pattern of broken tile inspired by British occultist Scott Elliot in drawing a map of Lemuria, as it was when its maximum extent. German naturalist Ernst Haikel believed that continent would be extended until sometime in Madagascar Malaysia and could explain the distribution area of ??lemurs and other species. Augustus Le French doctor who made excavations in Longeon Mayan ruins in Yucatan Mayan books translated one of "codecs troana". There was a great story about the so-called continent of Mu, a thriving area, paradise destroyed by an earthquake.

Lep Longeon claims to have evidence by which the people of Mu were ancestors of the Egyptians, Mayans as well. The famous occultist Helena Blavatski in his wanderings through Tibet would be found in sacred monasteries of Tibet to the so-called Mahatmas (great soul, illuminated) a manuscript entitled "The Book Dzyan". About this wise old saying that is a text that mention Atlantis in the evolution of humanity through many races (7 races) between the Lemurians was third. After Helena Blavatski book they had lived on a continent that covered most of the southern hemisphere. They were gigantic creature similar to apes. Some had four arms, while others had a third eye in the neck. Did not speak any language, communicating only and possessed amazing psychic telepathic. Over time, Lemuria was descended from it fragmented continent of Atlantis and the world today.

William Scott, another theosophical said of lemurs that were about 4.5 m tall and brown skin. Their faces were bevelled without exiting out of the forehead but with jaws. Their eyes were so far apart that they could see sideways as well as before. Heels were so long and stretched back so they could go back like face. They were once while hermaphrodites but have come to grow as people.

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