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Lost worlds


Medieval traditions describe a purely spiritual realm that was once beyond the end of the southwest of England. Lyonesse is the land of King Arthur, the legendary hero Tristan and Isolde Lancelot, Parcefal and other adventurers who went looking for the Holy Grail, the wizard Merlin and Camelot preafericitulu city.

About the disappearance of the mythical parts of England in the sea there are many theories. The earliest written account of the existence off the coast of Cornwall a land disappeared under the water, dating from the fifteenth century, written by William Worcester. He talks about the forests, plains and 140 churches, all now submerged in the Scilly Isles and the mountain of the same name. Archaeologist Richard Carew of Cornwall wrote from archaeological discoveries made by him: "... and the great naval and ravaged the entire earth Lyonesse kidnapped along with other large land, what they say and the remaining traces. Lying between Lands End and the Scilly islands about 30 miles, preserved until today on behalf of Cornwall: Lethosow and its depth is 40-60 poles, which is not commonplace in the great kingdom. "

Carew told stories of his time on Lethosow that when the sea invaded the land drowning, a man named Trevelian escaped by fleeing from the path of the waves on a white horse, which explains Trevelian family crest: a white horse coming out of sea water.

What is known about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table who meditate on the Holy Grail at the center of the table is that here they became entirely equal rights both in class and keeping a covenant of truth and total devotion to the land which they led. They were initiated into the esoteric mysteries to need help even the white magician Merlin, which is reminiscent of that monarchy which meets all the spiritual realms of fantasy, prosperous resulting in full peace, harmony and understanding.

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