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Lost worlds


Shambala has been written about the amazing stories and mentioned in countless fields of religion and culture. Even the famous writer Mircea Eliade mentions about the land in a fantasy novel "Mantuleasa Street." Ancient Buddhist writings speak of this wonderful land that is both real and mythical including the heavenly meaning. Being described as a source of ancestral wisdom, faith in it was once widespread in China as the Kun Mon - a valley where the immortals living in perfect harmony. In Indian tradition there is a place called the north of the Himalayas Kalapa been living in perfect people. In Russia they say that the way to reach Belovodai Mongolia, a place where holy men lived separate from the world, "a country of white water." Tibet Mountains hide a mysterious land called Shangri-La. This mysterious land of Tibet on the north where the mountains close in their grasp secret valleys fertile and green, is not listed on any map.

The exact place of his Shangri-La which is said in Tibet that would be Shambala, may be in the Tibetan region of the Himalayas, the mountains of China or Mon Cun in Altai in Mongolia. Legends and texts related to Shangri-La, however shows an area north of India. Before the invasion of Chinese, Tibetan plateau was the most isolated inhabited land on earth, it just favoring the birth of a civilization ruled by the Dalai-Lama, spiritual, straight from the temple located in Lhasa. Tibetan Buddhist monks and mystics have owned and still unusual powers. One of the most popular techniques is long-GOM-bye, an exercise that allowed the Tibetans to cross large distances in a short time. Another technique (shown on Discovery TV channel) was the Tumo technique that Tibetans resist very low temperatures with no roof and a very brief clothing, they can sleep in the snow at temperatures of minus 40 degrees altitudes of 5000 m, almost naked. This description is very close to Tibet's sacred realm of Shambala wonderful description.

Russian traveler Nicholas Roerich, Teofizice member of society, asking a blade if Shambala is a real place, and it replied: "Shambala is a great heavenly field and has to do with our land." Many Buddhist sacred texts describing the road map and that leads to Shambala, but rather obstacles (mountains, rivers, forests) and slanting roads samples and tests are spiritual aspirant going through them gains access to the Shambhala. Besides the Buddhist tradition speaks of an underground paradise called Agharta, which is also related to the existence of Shambhala. Roerich called him and heard him Agharti during an expedition in the Altai mountains of Mongolia and Tibet. A lama told him that Shambala is located in the heart of Agharta country and is led by a "king of the world." The sacred texts speak of the city of Shambala as perfectly round, it rises in columns, pyramids and colossal temples, its people are spiritual beings living in perfect peace and perfect harmony. The role of this center is to maintain peace and harmony in the world and to inspire and guide the spiritual inhabitants of the planet.

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