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Magnetic therapy

Magnetic - magnetic therapy

What is magnetic therapy?

Magnetic is the most simple, inexpensive, painless and safe therapy known. It was known in ancient China, queen Cleopatra wore a magnetic charm to keep youth and beauty. Today over 5,000,000 people testify of magnetoterapiei amazing results.

The magnet produces an electromagnetic field which harmonizes deeply regenerate and recharge structure of human biocampului human energy reserves. In the absence of magnetic energy inside the earth, all of life is deeply affected. Currently, due to massive industrialization of the earth's magnetic field is 50% lower than in the past 500 years. He now measures in April. 0.5 Gauss.

Concrete buildings, rolling roads of asphalt, cars, electronic smog, etc.-tv rodio waves reduced to half and even less effect telluric magnetism. Magnets accelerates blood circulation without increasing thus better irrigation system peripheral.

Magnets relieve pain, headaches, joint pain, reomatismul, reduce arthritis and Parkinson's by 50% prevents and relieves depression, helps the body against disease virus, bacteria or bacilli. It works as an antibiotic alcalinizand decreasing acidity and tissue cells, banish stress.

Magnetic products (bracelets, necklaces, etc..) Are designed to replace the magnetic force required for optimum success of the functionality of the offering full body Advantages mentioned above, regenerating and restoring human energy field through simple contact with the body only. Acting magnetic field and through clothes, tissues or bones.

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Magnetic Therapy

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