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Positive thinking

What happens when you are positive?

Positive thinking

At a closer look you can see that our world takes the form of moods and emotions that we express, creating our inner universe. The universe we live in, in which we include our experiences, our secrets and is composed of our thoughts. The quality of our fate, health or happiness is the consequence of our character length. Character consists of habits, reflexes, and this trend comes from the content of our thoughts. Stress, agitation, anxiety at a deeper consideration not only the result of chaotic thinking. Therefore as we are, so is the universe we live, how we think so is our perception of existence and a Chinese proverb says: "You are what you think"

Positive thinking makes your world to become positive. If you think positively, can not be negative as positive thinking become that positivity. Taking you as a reference, you become the center. Withdraw your senses and the world around you disappears. I close my eyes and everything is dark. This is what you experience. That knowledge becomes your subject, the rest are guesses. For being stressed world becomes a danger to the entire universe is a sad pathetic man. Some are depressed that the universe was created so just live by their way of thinking. How wonderful life is that thinking positive! He sees every moment a new way to experience the joy, the miracle sublime flavor. In nature it blooms with flower fuecare. A being positive makes the problem even a joy. Mahatma Gandhi often said: "The world is your own reflection."

Own destiny can be changed positive thinking. Here's what he said a great Indian master Swuami Shivananda: "He looks like a thought and reap an action
like an action man and reap a habit
and reap a habit he resembles a character
he Resembling a character reap a destiny "
Knowing you can understand this mechanism more easily that unhappiness is a state that gets all the action that generates and maintains the thoughts.
When you are positive and negative can not be anything negative moods I can not reach because you do not attract. It is said that some people attract bad luck whatever they do. It's pure chance? But if you look closely you can see that these people behave mostly negative. In the presence of a defeated man who thinks you can not feel safe. No matter how lost the attitude upbeat and full of confidence man can ever succeed. Thus Mircea Eliade wrote, "There are those battles lost than not have never given" making it clear that no gain or loss action but experience, knowledge which is already a great gain.

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