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Music therapy

Music therapy - therapy sounds

The significance of sound

One of the most famous scientists who described the tooth about musical notes, numbers and influence of planets on human beings but Pythagoras was the source of this science is sacred in ancient Egyptian temples of mysteries of the initiates. Music therapy as a science based on sound principles there since ancient times. Today she is fairly well exposed to the principles of modern psychoanalysis. Repetivitatea harmonies sound creates altered states of consciousness. This is especially the music pure, harmonious, elevated. A loud music like rock, metal and even jazz induce negative moods, depression, anxiety that resonates with low-frequency energy. Native Americans were so-called sacred dances with which healed the sick by repeated melodic modulations. The African tribes also medicine men healed magic rhythm of drums.

In Tibet sounds of bells, trumpets or drums special small were used to cure migraines, mental illness or metabolic imbalances. More extensive research has shown that each musical note has a specific vibration frequency that affects certain areas of the body or cause certain reflexes in the body (in this holistic medicine recommend listening to music dominated healing note).

DO - is used in poor circulation, anemia, blood disorders, paralysis, difficulty urinating, melancholy, swollen ankles, feet cool. Governs colon, neck, knees and nose.

RE - is used in asthma, bronchitis, gout, gallstones, obesity, toxins cleansing, lethargy and apathy. Governs the breasts, genitals, perineum feet and tongue.

MI - Used in constipation, indigestion, flatulence, liver, gastrointestinal, cough, headache, skin, apathy, boredom. Governs the head, eyes, solar plexus, the navel.

FA - is used in colds, allergies, colds, trauma, shock, colic, fatigue, ulcers, irritability, high blood pressure, dry skin. Governs the kidneys, adrenals, shoulders, chest, colon and legs.

SOL - is used in laryngitis, tonsillitis, sore throats, eye diseases, skin diseases, itching, vomiting, muscle spasms, menstrual pain, fever, stimulates focus and calm. Govern saliva, hair, and reproductive system.

LA - is used in all nervous disorders, convulsions, fatigue, balance disorders, bleeding, difficulty breathing, swelling, paralysis, shingles, acting on the sacrum at the base of the column.

SI - is used throughout the body but especially in gland imbalance, neuralgia, immune deficiencies, metabolism vitamins or nerve disorders.

Practical ways
lying, choose a suitable background music, soothing, comfortable. Gradually enter into a deep state of relaxation leaving us contain music every cell of the body. A focused listen carefully. After a while, when the process is self-aware of our presence here and now absolute. In the presence of sound music listen now. Tones that create the music but not the essential of them, beyond them itself, in the spaces between sounds. This will enter a very deep state of relaxation amid a clear and perfect observations, gamma celebrated comparable states. Now may be felt a deep and enjoyable physical regeneration and may be surprised how music wave action acting on the body.

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Music Therapy

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