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Native American Indians

Another world


Red leather believed that after death the "spirit" of people migrate in a sky, the waters are clear and plentiful hunting. Algonkinii called it "hunting lands Manitu's a" dead continued their existence here spirtitele a serene peace and abundant. About their need to get there was, however certain heroic deeds and spiritual rituals.

They gave great significance to other worlds. Great warrior chiefs, medicine men, prophets, chiefs who were using their vision, they say, I design a different world where they could be inspired or an unsuspected power. "All the time as I thought Tinu alerf'îgarea the white wing wind that gave me a second ancestor in my view and maybe that rot my horse's feet come in because (although it was small and weak) won the race. " . even dead people are designing the physical realm.

In his speech the chief Sealth guvernatoruli Stevens in December 1854. captain concludes: "When the last red man shall have perished from the earth to the realms of this Roll will still invisible dead of my m'neamului ... night when streets and settlements will be your silent and you think them deserted you they will be full of bands returned of those who still just love this beautiful land I said ... Dead? There is death. Only a change of worlds. "

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