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Native American Indians

Esoteric teaching


A careful researcher discovers many points in common mythology Indians with great spiritual traditions of esoteric world of Kabbalah and astrology to philosophy Samkia - filofofia cycles and rhythms of life. (Where did they met with the Indians?)

Like the Egyptians, Sumerians, etc. "seen by following them up the mythology of Native Americans in the northern constellation Pleiade" MG Andrei - in his "Indians." Even the name given to certain constellations is very similar to that of the great traditions: the Draco constellation - "big snake". For Adonis they "morning star that shines." About this they say: "Who shall see, will see more because there comes wisdom." Milky Way, Big Dipper, Dipper Small Pole Star also had mystical values.

As the Balkan or European owl was the messenger of death. Tree symbol, like the Balkans or Hebrew in Sefirot tree, Indian myth is found in high tree that reached to heaven and that curious hunter (eager for knowledge) at up staying in the "land of sky blue prairies" - so paradise. Signifying the desire to climb higher as the tree sefirotelor, climb initiating and acquiring perfection of paradise. Space, phenomenal, cardinal points "Grand Cross of the Two Roads" had special significance. East gave peace and light, heat miazaziua, sunset rain (thunder beings) and the north "with its cold winds, voice and patience." From south to north is the first natural way of life until man reaches the white long hair (symbol of maturity and wisdom). Then he follows the spiritual path of the sun from east to west. From dawn 'light source and understanding "reached the sunset, the man understands that it's not his life and gives life, that's it not meat and give the land.

Geometric shapes were also a deeply esoteric character which revealed very nature of things, leading to essentially draining the mystery event creation, triangle, spiral, circle, etc.. For example, Indians know that "everything he does is done in a circle Universal Power. Circle is round and I heard that the Earth is round. So are the stars. The wind, when power is highest (tornado or spiral of wind) is rotates in a circle. Birds make their nests round because their religion is the same as ours. Even when the seasons make up a large circle where they had been returning again, human life is a circle from childhood to childhood and so it is in any in moving power "- his" Great Vision "transcribed by Jon G. Neihard.

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