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Native American Indians

Great Spirit


Great spirit in general is the father unnamed or transcendent powers as the supreme God in the great world religions. From him descended all creation attach great ancestors, saints, sacred animals or other aspects of the event. He enters the profane and the sacred thread

"O Great Spirit, you are before any needed before any prayer. All those are yours" - Lakota medicine man invocation
"O Great Spirit, you have placed the powers of the 4 Zari, you have made ??stars of the sky and grass the earth. "

Contemplation totems that it inspires in the quality, intertwine perfectly archetypal symbols of being perfect. Total cosmic man. Illustrating Bufnitei image, symbol and mystery beyond the knowledge (of death), which portray the image bear combining power with wisdom, face whale, wolf, etc., culminating sometimes with bird man, the man who rises above Manitoo - primordial man, the archetypal man. Accession to signify its wings high. Their god is supreme Manitoo but rather an ideal representation of the cosmic man.

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