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Native American Indians

In search of vision


Came a time when Indian felt a calling. Something transcendental dimension of life that was more than usual. Then he went to ask the priest about the "anxiety". The priest understood that through this vision that gave signs should appear. So we advise the young seeker to wait vision in a holy place, sacred. Usually, this place was a lake saint or old Indian sat in a sacred place protected by a magic circle of only 2-3 meters in diameter, without food or water. There he remained three days, between whom expect their vision. His mind had to remain calm, quiet inside. If he was agitated or anxious were most likely breast u vision occur. Designate particular vision of the spiritual mission which had, to follow his path in life, most especially prophecy or endowed with special powers as in the case of the warrior Crazy Horse (Horse Zanatec).

"... And Cal Zanatec chief had the power that had been on a vision of childhood. Certainly not in it but all I know, Cal Zanatec broken in the world where all things are but spirits. This is the real world that was underneath it. Zanati Cal was on his horse in that world, and horse and himself and grass and everything was done in spirit and nothing was hard.'s horse stood still there and still dancing like a horse rotated only leaven the shadow, and from this he took his name, which means but bidiviul or was restive horse that his vision dancing spinning weird that way. it was the vision which gave him his great power. For then when entering a fight should not only think about that world to be back in it, so can pass through without being hurt any. "

All the great warrior chiefs, the great medicine men, priests were driven by a vision. Vision and medicine man Black Stag priest was so great that note, 12 days, he had lain dead in his tent as his parents under the supervision of old medicine man named Race vortex. We can therefore play only a small excerpt:

"... As we walked, built up above the cloud turns into a Tepe (tent), and a rainbow instead keeps the door open, the door he saw six old men sitting down. Sic he oldest of the ancestors speak with soft voice and said, 'Go and do not be afraid. "Sic horses and talked all 4 sides nechezara imbarbatandu me. So I went and I was standing before the 6 old and looked older than ever are people - old and hills, like stars. The oldest spoke again: 'ancestors around the world related advice and called you here to teach you. "His voice was very mild but I still tremble with fear because I knew they were not old men but the powers who rule the world. "Look into where the sun dropped, the thunder beings! You will open your eyes and get my strength from them and they will lead to high and lonely center of the earth as you can see, and to the place where the sun always shines so you can understand. "Now holding a wooden clamp causa in hand and was full of water and water was heaven." Take it, he said, is the power to give life and is yours'. "

Power to have visions embodied on earth plowing through ceremonies or dances. "A man who had a vision can not use its power until it embodied here on earth for people to see it" - Black Stag.

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