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Native American Indians

Magic ritual dance


The Indians get a profound character ritual dance or dance was magical, either embodiment of the visions or the sequence of seasons. Through liaison with the Indians this other world, the world of divinities or spirits (kacinas). Some dances were held three days or more. Through their dances they often induce ecstatic trance and lucid hiperconstienta. Sapa Hehaka said of the fuss:

"Drum sound awakens the mind and makes people feel the power and mystery of things."

He describes a mystical experience during a ritual dance:

"While we sing this song (sacred ritual) I could feel something strange patrunzandu my entire body, something that made me cry my fault for everything unfortunate"

Some dances took a great extent as great in the summer of 1890 messianic dance "dancing spirits". This dance has generated an entire movement of Native American tribes spiritual fraternity. Everyone who dance in ecstasy and had a mystical experience the same village in which they entered the "new world to come, perfect."

"In black cherries, most people dancing on Clay Creek, but the agents and told them to stop coming. The Indians did not want and had said they had to fight for their religion. Therefore the white man is afraid of something. I hear people Brules dancing right next to us and then Big Foot's people dancing in the Good River Reservation, also went to the Bear Hitting Sitting Bull and people dancing there. Everywhere the Indians began to dance. "

To suggest the nature of ecstatic and translation render an account of his astral Black Stag describing this dance:

"Then we started dancing and many people wailed Bocca and dancing all in a dance, but some were laughing with joy. When and when one fell down as dead and others rotated wobbling and panting before fall . While I was laying there like dead and we were dancing and singing views on shedding tears for our people. After a while my legs seemed to be full of ants. dancing with closed eyes like everyone else. Suddenly I seemed I got up off the ground as worn on top. It felt little fear, but a happiness that grew increasingly. I could not see in front than eagles until then to fu Vulture, looking forward and float quickly to the place where we look. There was a beautiful country where many people were gathered together in a large circle, happy and wealthy. All around the circle, stout horses were grazing green grass and happy and animals of all kinds were scattered on top of hills. The moment we touched land two men came to me dressed in tailored shirts and painted sacred in some way. The two meet me and I zisera 'time has not yet come and see your father ail that is happy. You have work to do. We will give you something you will go back to yours and that they will come to see their relatives' ... "taken from John G. Neihardt Sea Vision.

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