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Native American Indians



- Long before the white man in America to reach a holy man of the Lakota nation said Bea whom he had a prophetic dream water the animals with four legs to come back to earth as a race of aliens siudata tesura in a spider web Lakota people around. Then he said: "When this will happen, you'll live in square gray houses in a barren land, and beside those gray houses (reserves) will pierii hungry" so that when white people came under the pretext that they just want to pull gold Lakota Nation knew that want more.
- "... if nature is separated from human heart hardens. indifference to everything that grows and soon lead the world viatuieste the indifference of people themselves." - Lakota elders prophecy.
- Cree Indian Prophecy:
"Only after the last tree is cut,
only after the last river is poisoned,
Only after the last fish is caught,
Only then will we discover that money can not be eaten "
- In a vision the people of Sapa Hehaka alu or happy voice when he was living the great spirit I speak: "Behold your people and remember what you have aduti gave the 6 ancestors for your family that from now on has walked a difficult road ". "And I saw the way the sun sets black and black clouds coming from there, and did not want to go in there but could not stay any place. But the nation is broke like anui circle circle of smoke that dissipated. All had become weak and girls were sharp because I defeat hunger. horses, they were skinny and the holy tree was gone. " - Referring to the way that he would go through people or when the white man came.
- The same view after the story a passage: "... all animals and birds that turns people ran here and there because each seemed to have a vision of his own that end, and an ordinance of its own and the universe heard pretutundeni warring storms and wild beasts rips each other. " At this Hehaka Sapa made ??a remark: "I think now we are close to that place and I am afraid that something bad is about to happen in the world." - Soon began razboiele world.
- retired in reserve supervised by the government after being deceived by American gubvernul (violating the second century at Fort Laramie treaty) Red Cloud Xiouxilor captain and a leader made ??them wise a prophecy referring to the white man's greed and cruelty: "This will start a different life and you leave aside the wisdom of parents vostrii. You will gather food and the hungry he will let go. And when the house and barn will be ready full Atinc you look around any neighborhood that you can rip off and shawl which you will take everything. "

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