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Native American Indians

Sacred Nature


Living in close contact with nature, it was for her mother who fed them, gave the beauties and riches of life, sunshine, and delight the day. Thus it was perceived as sacred. This sense of the sacred have a real, solid, feelings experienced gained from sin u have held power in their stories or tales without end. Elders were seen as follows:
"When we place on earth can think deeper and feel more powerful things"
"I can see more clearly the mysteries of life and be closer to other lives around, merging with them ... and thread nearly reached some of their friends with the Lakota furs and feathers that found a true brotherhood, and spoke the same language. " Bear spotted eagle high in volume packaging.

In India, everything has a meaning defined sacred "rite sun was committed in June because when the sun reaches its greatest depth and power of light to grow is also the largest." The ritual dance they even assimilated solar power quality, living ecstatic states, merging with the spiritual nature (see dance ritual). Here the sacred is a logical explanation, living "will be noticed that an Indian is all in a circle (Tepe - tent, dance, fire, ritual, camp, etc.) and this is because the world always works in circles, power, and any it tries to be round. " Realize active power of nature which gave them due respect.

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