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Natural Cosmetics

Beauty products - skin irritated

Irritated skin care

IRRITATING skins care must use soothing herbal properties such as:

Yarrow - used by applying a compression infusion for 10-15 minutes, prepared from a tablespoon to 100ml water flowers.

Dandelion - can be used both as compression and as a lotion with decoction (30 minutes) and is made ??of two tablespoons of herb per cup of water. Dandelion is extremely good and the treatment of freckles, with bulbs of onion. Of dandelion juice gather at breaking the flower stalk and apply on face 2 times a day in combination with lotionari a decoction of the flowers 4 tablespoons per cup of water. Much easier to use for the same purpose are but onion bulbs. They are crushed in vinegar and then run energetically embrocation skin (2 times a day).


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