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Natural Cosmetics

Beauty products - beauty and naturalness

Natural Beauty Secrets

For mentinerera beauty there are some natural beauty recipes, can be prepared at home without much fatigue and a special effect, but before using all these little secrets you should know that rest is the easiest and more care is needed any man. Good sleep is vital not only for health and to revitalize the body but also the look. It is normal that if not enough sleep one night, the day that follows is tiring of physically but also psychologically. Failure to normal sleep duration may lead to decreased mental activity, the weakening of the immune system in depression and stress. Also this affects how we look and appearance of the skin especially. During sleep the body produces 70% of the daily growth hormone to the skin needs to maintain health and vitality. Generally normal sleep duration for adults is 7-8 hours.

But age affects sleep quality. The more a person ages, the sleep is deeper, but shorter in duration. Daily rhythm of rest and activity of a person is determined by the epiphyses gland function, which is determined by the action of light and darkness and therefore particularly important is the range of 7-8 hours sleep. Thus it is scientifically proven that the period between 10 and 24 hours of the night is most suitable for body recovery. For skin care, bedtime is recommended to use creams or mixtures of the night, rich in antioxidant protection, such as vitamins A, C and E. The skin is more permeable than at night, so cream or mixture will penetrate easily, while the the skin was initially cleaned of dirt or makeup.
habit of using sparkling water bath led to the emergence of many cosmetic products becoming more sophisticated: essences, bath salts, sparkling fruity odor or extracts of herbs . But most of them contain chemical formulas, which is why doctors are against the abuse of sparkling and essences. Degresând indirectly epidermis similar phenomenon occurs for a car body rust. Some sparkling cause allergies even for degreasing and at the same time are highly concentrated. Cosmetics are good, but they are not curative drugs but acting protective and nutritious dishes that have a preventive role. Their excessive use can lead to disease of the skin, which often heal very slowly. Therefore it is good to know that the skin should be lubricated, not fattening, that have rendered some fat skin that has lost it. Because of this, when we bath, water temperature not to exceed 35 degrees well as hot water in addition subject to heart that strong adjustment effort because vasodilatation, liquefies sebum that lubricates skin. Regarding the bathrooms very long, it results in the same inconveniences as hot baths as water state is just as superficial cells to swell. Poverty sebum, they die and detach.
Hands should be cared for and constantly subject to weathering (sun, wind, water). However with alkaline substance abuse, make the hand skin to dehydrate and can generate time to crack even the appearance of eczema. In terms of facial beauty is very important to know which plants are good skin type you have available.

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