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Natural Cosmetics

Beauty products - oily skin
Care oily skin

Oily skin care is recommended for plants containing tannin and volatile oil plants. Among them:

Chamomile flowers - this time using 2 tablespoons per cup of water flowers by steam injection process bath in hot water plants.

Coltsfoot flowers - are used for 10-15 minutes by applying a warm compress, made ??of one tablespoon of flowers to 100 ml water. Both chamomile and Coltsfoot as their skins are wrinkled uses and if the same infusion compresses.

Leaves of walnut - are used by applying compresses for 10-15 minutes infusion, consisting of mixing 4 tablespoons of leaves per cup of water.

Mint leaves - used for infusion of 50g lotionari leaves in 1 liter of water.

Burdock root - used by applying a compress made ??from roots tablespoon per cup of water.
The mix chamomile with lavender, tail rachitan Cancer and in combination with starch, egg yolk and honey or warm water can get a mask particularly useful in oily skin maintenance.

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