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NUMEROLOGY - numerological calculations

Temperament Graph
  Draw and interpret letters mental, physical, emotional and intuitive
Figure of your destiny
  Figure of destiny is your number key individual and the whole picture is numerology.
Personality Chart
  Show how the day, month and year of birth will increase or reduce the effect it has on personality figure your destiny.
Discover your life cycles
  The chances that arise during your life occur in cycles. Numerology can show this by showing your opportunities and events that are likely to deal.
Critical moments
  There are four crucial moments in your life. These are times when significant events occur.

Desire Number
  The figure shows that desires are your deepest desires. Sometimes known as the "guiding passion" or "secret passion."
Energy figure
  This number shed light on what can be done of those things that predispose you figure the combined effects of destiny and numerogramei name.
Goals Number
  The figure shows what you can achieve goals effectively guide you to what destiny number.
Birthday Number
  The figure indicates birthday and think how you behave when you are alone. It does not show the direction in life or what your opportunities will be offered, nor indicate areas where you're talented. Just figure highlights those qualities birthday and things that feel safe and you are at ease.
Name Number
  Show what you do in reality - not what you want and not what you think you want. It just shows how interacting with others.

Glossary of names


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