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NUMEROLOGY - The polarity number

Pythagoras classified as male and female numbers, even numbers are feminine and the odd male. Since ancient times was considered as polar world, consists of two aspects, positive and negative. The Chinese called them Yin - Yang. HA yogis called them - THA. Polarities role is to support each other, neutralize (transcends) or manifest. Without this polarity between positive and negative, between hair and even life could not exist. For example the number 6 is a very feminine sign. Therefore it must be polarized by an odd number male. Number 1 it polarizes and Indians that number 16 is for example the number of harmony and beauty. The number in front so the "power" to support and who will say about the look, detail and direction of which is the number.

Female numbers are materiality, beauty, harmony, luxury, while the male is the focus control, perfection, the mystery. In Chinese the number 8 is the most coveted number because that is the house you think will be very rich. Number 2 of 8 before doubling his appearance. Such a house number today is very expensive.

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