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NUMEROLOGY - sacred geometry

Geometric forms are considered since ancient times symbols essentially reduced to the more complex truths. By their condensed form trends that could revive the whole bunch of respctivului truth, just as unconscious ideas or thoughts summarize the symbols received. Geometric figures as a blueprint of reality. Old wise you draw a line, a circle, a cross, a hexagram or a snake swallowing its tail which (ourobouros), representing an entire science immortal. Understanding the symbols and the ways they manifest themselves in creative essence to reach the knowledge gained.


It is the symbol of the universe as being the ultimate point is that it supports. Center of the circle is always equal distance from all points on the periphery. Thus the circle is a symbol of balance. Point is an expansion that creates the circle of manifestation. A circle with a dot inside is the sun, symbol of the spirit that feeds material. Circle is also the symbol of eternal return, the cyclicality that is found in nature as the seasons, days, moon phases, etc., being found even at the cellular level. The circle symbolizes the five elements air, space expansion.


It is a symbol of fire, of thinking, of feeling. If it is pointing up focus energy in that direction, upward, is also a male symbol. Triangle pointing down means the manifestation in the field and is a female symbol. Equilateral triangle symbolizes a man balanced. The nature of our triangle appears as Trinity. In all cultures spiritual creation is by means of three fundamental aspects of the three force fields: action, reaction and neutrality.
Examples of the Trinity:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit - in Christianity,
Pitha, Kapha and Vathi - in ayurveda,
Tamas , Rajas and SATV - samkia tradition and yoga,
mind, body and spirit - the wisdom of the ancient Greeks;


Mean square of ground stability. The four sides are anchored in the four cardinal points. It is a static figure but give birth rate. In nature is represented by four spaces (cardinal) four seasons. It is based on the highest peak and then erecting the pyramid, a symbol of perfection. The square is the symbol of the closed mind and instincts, related to the earth.

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