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NUMEROLOGY - The key number of gold

known in antiquity by the ancient sages, and then taught in the great medieval philosophers, Geom, priests, alchemists and occultists, the number of gold always hidden mysteries. Today, complex research concluded that the whole nature and even the entire universe is structured closely observing the exact proportion and perfect gold number. The great ancient buildings and pyramids and temples and cathedrals also meet fair proportion of the total gold. It is the harmony and perfection in creation. Number of gold is represented by the ideogram f = 1.618 ... mysterious proportion of this number represented either in golden triangle (isosceles) of Pythagoras in the Hindu tradition golden ellipse or spiral of gold by Fibonacci sequence demonstrates that preserving the natural growth rate of plants.

In nature water generated spiral (vortex), the movement of air currents in spiral snail shell, the arrangement of leaves or petals tranafir vegetable seeds and keep it looking like the perfect proportion in all creation manifests divine harmony and perfection represented by the proportion. This demonstrates the existence of spheres of consciousness existing in harmony and beauty of the universe and guides you.

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