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Orthodox Christianity

Desert Fathers


The desert itself imposes silence, withdrawal, and wilderness. That desert where hermit called his mind. Anchorite avantandu the desert in order to complete their renunciation of the world, the riches, the pleasures of earthly or human glory. They saw the most favorable place in the desert worship the Father in truth. Practical spiritual or was closely related to desert.

Macarius of Alexandria deems a famous feat being a great 20 days left in the open "on the one hand Ears heat, on the other icy cold night." Abba Evagrius himself spent 40 days in the open day and night "until one ucat his body was filled with insects as that of aimalelor". In the desert there were amazing performances in terms of position and abstinentele.

Ava James, tempted by the demon of impurity withdraw into a cave where 40-day fasts. Ava Moses remains beset by temptations full 42 days in the desert without food or drink, then he was saved forever its temptations. He remained - after Palladius, 6 years in his cell standing praying all night without closing his eyes. To not sleep overcomes him and he went quietly take the chili jugs and fill them with water elders. Arsenie Ava spent the night praying morning and only slept one hour. "It's enough to sleep one hour monk if a fighter." - He said.

Reading the history of the monks, the Desert Fathers did many miracles, many of them off rivers, crossed the Nile on foot, killed wild beasts, have committed as many as healing holy apostles and prophets. Patermuthios Ava walked on water current is transported by air anywhere will like. Ava Capri drove out demons and doing miraculous healings committing many wonderful things. Saint Anthony the great gush of sweet water, bring rain, etc.. St. Bessarion did one day of drinking sea water to give the apprentice or drink, stop walking on water and sun.

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