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Orthodox Christianity



The term means those "spiritual people" charged with the grace of the Holy Spirit after intense prayer or spiritual practices. The term does not necessarily designate a special category of saints, is used here to specify the category of saints who lived in the world or even families had managed to know the secret of the divine reality. Harismaticii are great ascetics, practice unceasing prayer, attend religious services (as opposed to hermits), thus remaining religious atmosphere. I am very wise, the gift of healing and remain in contact with people.

Giving their inner world is more experienced, they managed to meet and combine both family life and worldly debts and debt to the Divine, even if sometimes they practiced night and day sleepless very little worldly resume and duties .

An example of this is the harismaticului "Saint George" who was born in 1846 in a village in Transylvania - Sugag. He spent almost his entire night praying in the garden, also practicing during the day hesychasm, uninterrupted prayer of Jesus. In a pilgrimage to Egypt he spent 40 days in the Sahara desert in a total asceticism, after great spiritual trials, temptations which he passed, decided not to cover their head and not ever wear shoes. Winter when temperatures were very low body spontaneously began to emanate heat. Feels no cold nor heat, nor hunger. Later, in moments of prayer he has dug a hole that can not look in her than heaven. As it exits said with joy: "Today I was in heaven." This phrase of course hide and visions and ecstatic experiences "rapture to heaven" that he had during the holy prayer.

Another harismatic abbot was also Ioanichie (1910-1944), born in Transylvania in Zarnesti.

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