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Orthodox Christianity



These hermits firm in the faith and coming out victorious in many trials did not budge in front of the devil and his violent attacks were praying. Stalpnicii isolate "the sky" pillars rising and that complete their work - rising thereby both physical and spiritual world above ground. This ascension create inner feeling very deslipirii - dissolution ground connection. An example he gives Abbot John "who sat on pole."

It shall show the coming of a child always dreams. One day a child came up on top of the mountain and found there a small monastery near Abbot John who was sitting on the pole. This seeing him, "Come my son because you're the one that I often dream that one show you have to follow me here ...." Child was only six years and the other monks did not understand how come only through those desolate places. The child was St. Simeon Stylite - another great Stylite. About this we can say that he, a child and still fasting hermits with more than these. For 7 years he has asked monks to build them too near a pillar at the abbot John. I discovered him, thanks to the devil and all godliness nalucirile whole kingdom. Beating them with perseverance and his faith given by Jesus power over evil spirits and began to chase the people and to heal diseases. From morning until 9 o'clock he was praying after studying and writing books until sunset and then restart prayer evening until morning, without sleep.

When light is commanded to approach a little sleep. After the needle was resting due to resume their Rule. Coming one day a very sad because of the dead son and the holy asking him to revive him. Saint fell in prayer and then said, "Go, go, your son is alive." Home indeed, when he arrived, his son was alive and brought much joy to thank the saint. People came to him and healed in the name of Saint Simeon the God of all suffering. Some he found himself only and thinking, heal their suffering.

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