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Orthodox Christianity

Wandering Pilgrims


A very special group of priests of the old Russian pilgrims and vagrants are mystics called this because they never stayed too long in one place. They wore no clothes monastic, not part of a monastic order. Always in search of holy places, an ideal of holiness or a word of wisdom, they take their teachings from manastiriklor confessors of their way or of any opportunity that arises in their path, then turn on. They walk alone, simple, often without money or food, living on a zip or doing other work is healing for a piece of bread. They totally abandoned to God. In their way they worked continuously experiencing mental prayer in solitude fruits of its mysterious nature. Wandering Pilgrims are known more as biographies, religious denominations or authors of anonymous texts. Those cloaks spread on Russia in past centuries.

The first autobiography such as "The Life and Pilgrimage of Daniel, abbot of the Russian land." From the twelfth century also with numerous Reprints between 15 and 19 centuries. But the most famous biography belongs to an anonymous "Russian Pilgrim." Already become classic text, it has been translated since 1930 in all languages. She managed to make known everywhere hesychasm. Theophanes the Recluse one of the great figures of Russian Hesychasm said to be read and corrected the first edition of the paper. The author is unknown but gained while gathering testimony is supposed to be "a peasant of Orel region" that common environments in particular monastery monastic Optimo. Russian Pilgrim has lived in the past century even some identifications coming to us from St. Ambrose. The story that Father Macarius of Optimo monastery was visited by a layman in the Ural region whose prayer had reached a level so high that not even the father knew what to stop responding when the pilgrim has described various states of prayer of the heart than " beware in humility .... "

Ambrose expressed his opinion on that meeting maditand unusual, as that was even secular Russian pilgrim and author of confession - "Confessions of a Pilgrim - gracious about the prayer ministry of Jesus."

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