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Orthodox Christianity



The word comes from the Greek term hesychasm isihia, which means peace, inner silence. Hesychasm is one of the most direct and pure (free from religious dogmatism or seclusion) ways to achieve spiritual enlightenment. All great saints Orthodox hesychasm practiced or at least addressed the specific control techniques, transcending the mind or focus of attention inside (belly, heart, etc.) because as says St. Gregory of Sinai, but also others' It is impossible to be saved someone without carefully detailed and unguarded mind. "

The end of the book is the Bible but Philokalia Hesychasm - a collection of related experience and spiritual teachings of great saints or their disciples. Practice basic Hesychasm prayer consists of heart or mind. Heart Prayer includes several steps to perfect its practice. Its ultimate stage is realizeazarea effective merger with God, transcending the illusion of "vanity" of this world and the dissolution of the mind through identification with the divine consciousness.

"Mind is back in itself and above it in order to unite with God"
St. Gregory Palamas

In aceatsa last stage can no longer utter words, prayer disappears, and any means of it remains a pure ineffable feeling devoid of any object in a deeply mystic ecstasy "kidnapping ecstatic" that can last for days. In this stadium great mysteries are revealed, feelings overwhelming "that no mortal would not suspect." True reality already seen a dimension where time and space, form, light and the very act of knowledge or understanding are Transceive as St. Dionysius the Areopagite says:

"Divinity is not soul or mind or think or reason, can not be expressed or understood ... no science nor truth nor goodness nor kingdom nor the spirit or drive any paternity or filiation, her name escapes any reasoning for it or know. No neither dark nor wandering about it ... can not say or deny anything but it is also absolutely unique and perfect cause of all being transcendent, is free of all and above all. " Mystical Theology of work

Prayer of the heart (or mind)

This includes a series of structured techniques in several stages equivalent level of practice. Prayer and meditation teaching gem heart is Christian. Today, unfortunately, is more practical hesychasm few places in the world. Prayer heart is far superior because it increases steadily common prayer power of concentration and increases depth perception and brings peace of soul, a permanent state of bliss for those who pray.
Prayer of the heart:

"Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me."

Steps heart prayer

They differ. After some parents in August, according to others only 3 or 5, but a general version after Philokalia as this:
1) Prayer mind: - the first stadium of the utterance in mind constantly repeat: "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy me. " Here all attention is focused on this speech so scattered thoughts cease to evade being. The mind then is automatically inwards
2) Prayer mind in the heart: - "Here the mind during prayer landlocked place inside the heart. This is all basically work" (Father Cleopas in "Father Cleopas tells us" vol 12.) Here attention is directed in the heart, which in some cases happens happens spontaneously or naturally by itself. "After a short time I felt that prayer was going down, it goes without saying the lips in the heart." (Russian pilgrim) become aware of the nature of our thoughts, our emotion that we now perceive, analyze them - introspection. There is a deep calm, certainly starting to increase focus and inner strength.
3) or the unceasing prayer that moves by itself: - "The heart of each zvacnitura repeat only the words of prayer ... it was more pronounced stop praying and do not nothing more than careful listening that said heart. eyes (inner vision) and I sink within it there poured an intense feeling of happiness. (for a better understanding of have played Russian Pilgrim story experience). At this stage appears asanumita spiritual sweetness, a permanent form of bliss. Prayer is here relentless in that beatific state of heart that is still "a flow" even during the progress of daily action, even when we talk or sleep, "I sleep but my heart watching "(Song of Solomon Chapter 5.2).
4) Prayer clean - This "give birth to a contemplation prayer ... who knows the lives of contemplation such a state of ecstasy and becomes like a soul leaving the body" (St. Isaac the Syrian) . In this ecstasy, the mind can not move left only to contemplate consciousness. Here is the heart of "a light that shines like the sun that rises from the depths of the heart" (clearly is a perception of inner vision).
5) Prayer, the spiritual (after St. Isaac of Syria) or prayer without prayer: - "Once the mind has gone beyond pure prayer there was no feelings, no tears, no dominion, no freedom, no humility, no ... no ... no world this or that. So there is no prayer beyond prayer ... Going beyond the edges clean they enter the state of ecstasy and are no longer in prayer. This is the vision "(St. Isaac the Syrian)

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