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Orthodox Christianity

Focus and concentration techniques


"Mind the court could inpiedica one who has not yet come to contemplate, to use the practices with which to bring backward mind?"-Gregory Palamas (hesychasts Saints defense.)

These techniques are closely related to the practice of prayer inimi.Ele hesychast help much prayer and even replace:
Sf.Simeon New Theologian recommend one of these special techniques:

"Leaning your chin in your chest your eyes moving around the body with your mind towards the middle of your womb, that is, toward the navel. Remember that you enter the nose air, your breath is not easy, and the mind explores in detail with offal inwardly to find out where your heart where dwell all the powers of the soul. At first you will find only darkness, a darkness impenetrable, but striving incessantly day and night you'll learn eventually - miracle - an unthinkable happiness ... you see supra what is inside the heart, the mind sees herself full of light and power of discernment (lighting). From now once a thought arises, it will not get fit and do not mind because it will face will away ... " (Word of silence)

There hesychast practice a clear distinction between mind and heart focused attention permanent distribution. All St. Simeon the New Theologian says below:

"Guarding our minds and passions away the then weakening the second storm thoughts aroused attention of the senses."

As described Calist, Ignatius and Nicephorus, the focus was necessarily mind or focusing on certain points inwards from the body or womb, the heart as well as overhead (for God).

Another similar technique to meet the recommended setting Gregory Palamas on the chest or the belly of the mind "pushing the heart to the mind power that would push it out." He recommends a technique extremely simple but extremely effective concentration "I left his eyes to themselves," a look inside reveals a screen turned the mind clean. A technique to enhance concentration and attention was the covenant of silence. It requires total silence and constant attention to herself and always awake.

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