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Orthodox Christianity

Forms of mystical ecstasy


In hesychasm different forms of ecstasy or mystical experiences often accompany mental prayer. They arise from spiritual practice in various degrees of intensity. Sometimes ecstasy comes with vision - those kidnappings ecstatic to heaven where the sky secrets are revealed.

As described for example Father Cleopas, "often appears light with which he (hesychast) sees inwardly or a candle that shines like the sun and that it springs from the heart. When in place and other mysteries Imin but they can not describe. Then the man with everything in this movement divinizes dunezeiasca material beyond what is seen and felt and filled with unspeakable joy to one who is also drunk. And after that the mind is kidnapped by a Divine vision and sees the frightening secrets about verb that can not detail. Vedas views dunmezeiesti mind, joy of heaven right and beauty. And mind sees beyond mysteries frightening and glorified in heaven. "

But above it is not attached to vederiel isiahastrul divine mysteries. Transcendent state beyond any state of any form and any object, it is true prayer. The profit fiyic mystical ecstasy in the body remains in a state of cataleptic. This deity appears in its fullness as "single cause of all and above all negation is transcendent, the simple way which is free for all and above all." - Dionysius the Areopagite
"He who knows such a state of ecstatic contemplation knows and comes like a soul left the body. This is called vision in prayer and not some form of imagination as do the ignorant" - Isaac the Syrian.

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