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Orthodox Christianity

Heat Mist - heart


Heat is a mystical stage that occurs during heart prayer. Often monks in caves hesychasts spend their winters hard times of prayer cells without heat. Tibetan monks as they fail due to both prayer practice fire heat rises in the heart of mystical body infierbintandu them. Thus met "Working with the Spirit" which filled the large or melted frost barefoot on snow around them if left in place long winter - as was harismaticul Saint George. But to see it is described CUN those who experienced it:

"First comes the heat from kidneys, we also include that looks like a deception ... and then comes another heat from the heart and mind if thoughts of fornication is down to deception. But if toto tupul heats the heart while the heart is clean and without bias, and is as deep would cleave the heart, then it is truly a work of grace. " - Calist Father - Patriarch Constantinipolului.
Bishop Theophanes gives us heat and cause the mystical: "The first fruit of divine heat is concentrating minds in the heart and longing for God."

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