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Orthodox Christianity



This is the first condition of life that embraces mistica.Ea condition is not just the moral attitudes but requires major internal and Exeter-based care and control.
The first condition is giving up the goods of this world. Then correct speech, body and state of quiet mastery. Other criteria of purity after Fathers would be:
- purity of heart - it must be free from any stain suppress feeling for things
- purity of soul - you have to open up any hidden passion in mind.
- members work - in bodily discipline U-God (different postures, abstinence, etc.). - by Isaac the Syrian.
"The heart is the central organ of the inner senses, it is the root. If the root is holy and branches are holy, holy is not the root but if not than a branch of being. " - Isaac the Syrian (Steps purity).
Symeon the New Theologian refers to three essential things before prayer practices:
1. carefree - that is to be dead to all things - giving
2. a clear conscience, guarding you have condemned your own conscience - reconciliation with itself, the state autovinovatie away.
3. an unflinching detachment of any patina.

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