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Palmistry - ancient science

Palmistry or palm readers

Palmistry is the art which enables us to know our hand by examining the appearance of moral character, attachment, love and luck topics. She was born with the most distant civilizations of Egypt, Greece, China, Middle East and then across to get to us. Interest in palmistry and the occult sciences in general should be sought in modern human need to escape from the narrow field of observation and logic of science that gives him to enter the kingdom of the mysterious and fascinating "ultrasensibilului". So if you feel unhappy in love or in economic life, on the contrary if you are happy you enjoy gambling site's health ... all these you can see very well in your hand lines.

Hand signs are clues, but not the character have a final in the absolute sense: each is master of their destiny. It should be stressed in this respect, the palmistry extremely valuable as a means of true knowledge of ourselves and others, without lying, without hypocrisy, but a clear objective and reliable.

Thus, to get an accurate result is necessary to look both hands. Left hand symbolizes your subconscious and your potential refers to the quality and the right hand shows how these qualities are developed and environmental influence on them.

If a sign is found only on one hand than the probability of no value. A careful examination should take into account the shape and color of the hand. Color corresponds to your temperament. Pink color is typical of enthusiasts, people acticvi, a green color represents the most intellectual, pessimist, melancholic, a yellow color is seen in irritable people, those who like to dominate and sometimes go to despotism.

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