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Thumb - is asserting individual, energy, ability to succeed;
finger - reveals the degree of integration of the individual in society,
the middle - is the ability to focus and reflection,
ring finger - indicate artistic talents, social and moral lifting capacity,
little finger - finger is common sense and sensitivity.

Toes well proportioned, straight and without congenital deformities indicate a good development of these faculties. An anomaly on the contrary, is a sign that these faculties can not develop.
If you let your fingers to envisage a large space between them, this is waste, if they are perfectly united indicate a sense of economy and even avarice.
If the thumb when is far forefinger, forming a sharp angle, this means that the person is docile and subject, if the angle is right, it is the desire for independence, if obtuse reflect a lack of docility, rebelliousness and nonconformist.

Long fingers - indicating analytical intelligence who can see things in detail, methodical.
short fingers - are characteristic of the spirit of synthesis, dynamic, able to accept the reality of his vision in total.
fingers thick - are an indication of materialism and practicality.
thin fingers - indicates idealism.
fingers smooth - show love art, intuition, spontaneity.
gnarled fingers - indicate tenacity, reflection, balance. If nodes are located on the first phalanx this means scientific skills if they are located on the second phalanx is orders meticulously.
resilient fingers that bend light backwards are typical of those who have tact, diplomacy, manual skills.

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