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Well-marked lines indicate: decision, will, passion
poorly drawn lines are an indication of the delicacy, fragility, people sensitive, dreamy, scrupulous.

This line runs horizontally. Start at the little finger and middle finger is over the hill. It is about emotional life, feelings, inclinations, morale and ability to love the individual. This line tells us how the subject reacts to things and troubles in life, shows the manner in which to express their feelings known, so we know if he is generous or selfish versus calculated or impulsive, introverted or extrovert, aggressive or docile.

The main aspects of this luinii:
- If the color is close to red: passion, violent
- If it is pale: cold and reserved.
- When the line begins just under the ring is a sign of ease feelings. If you take birth in the middle indicate concerns, luck in love.
- A heart line that ends at the middle root is characteristic impressionable people, anxious and those who fall in love easily. If it ends in the ring reflects the egocentrism, the desire to always get the attention of others, pride. If it ends in the index reflects Mount JUPITER chance, happiness, love and easy conquests.

Particular examples:

- When the heart line is long, well-designed, slightly curved: kindness, love, honesty in love.
- When the branches finish line on Mount Jupiter: chance, honors, riches gained through marriage. Ramifications flowing through the line going up indicates a happy love. The flowing to down disillusionment in love.
- If the heart line is very aprape line head: reason and will prevail over emotions.
- If the line forms a chain: loquacity, indecision, jealousy, which is likely to disrupt the emotional lives. If you have charm and sex appeal that will be seen as RING OF VENUS, a semicircular ring that starts with and ends between the middle and forefinger.
- If it is not too deep or your personality well-designed exercise an extraordinary fascination over those around you.
- if it fragments are capable of deep passions do not know how to brake.
- If the line is double, your personality is too sensual.
- If it is very well marked and accompanied by a very thin line of the heart, are capable of great passions, but rarely know them further.
- In terms of marriage it is symbolized by a cross placed on Mount Jupiter. If it is double cross indicates a second marriage. Should be considered in love union line consists of several small lines that appear below the little finger side of palm between the heart line and Mount Mercury. Each of these lines is a sign of passion: the deeper indicate marriage. Chronological order of love is calculated from the base line going to the heart.

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