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is represented by a square palm and fingers with either short compared with his hands. This hand is possessed by individuals practical, meticulous, peseverenti equipped with logic and critical sense, but lack of imagination and intuition. Concrete things I love, consistency and sincerity.
has a conical appearance with fingers rather long and slightly sharp. It is a harmonious and well proportioned hand typical of those with a taste for art, rich in imagination and sensitivity, but also impulsive, dynamic, generous. The biggest flaws of their indifference and a certain emotional instability, namely that due to lack of confidence in themselves.
This is the most beautiful hands in terms of aesthetics. Palma has an oval shape, long fingers, smooth, close and long oval nails. This hand belongs to the idealist par excellence, poet, dreamer, one who lives in his own world, separate from material reality where the refuge in order to consume the anxieties and uncertainties. Persons possessing such a hand is hypersensitive, impressionable, always sees things from a perspective external appearances only inner sin u. It comes with intuition but lacks common sense, which makes it dependent on other people to find help in solving their own problems. In any case, thanks to the fascination which he exercises over others, there will never be difficult to find someone willing to help ail or even sacrifice for it.
is elongated, with gnarled fingers and fingernails rounded. It is found in individuals with logical and balanced spirit, who like abstract reasoning. Observatory of the outside world are fine. Under an apparent skepticism they hide a profound idealism, a desire for perfection that you push to evolve morally.
It is characterized by fingers apart tooth that thumb is long, long, flat nails. Is the hand of those who love action, endowed with insight, intelligence, determination and energy practice. It anticonformiste of people attracted to everything new. I know very well what they want and express it clearly.
is the most current: less lines, large palm, fingers and nails short, flat fingertips. Belongs to individuals with simple character, inclined to manual labor, loving nature and simple life. Are generally kind and generous.
fingers are slightly different form. Generally ring finger and have square ends, middle and little finger-shaped square in front of them, the thumb is long and curved back. This corresponds to human nature hand shifter, fickle, endowed with common sense, always ready to sacrifice for those you love. Are less influenced, but understanding, tolerance, good friends and collaborators.

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