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Located on the palm of your hand, to the fingers, these bumps are called Mountain. We will explain their position and general significance.

1. At the base of the thumb is found Mount Venus, indicating life force, sensuality, tenderness, love.
2. At the root index finger Mount Jupiter reveals ambition, religious and moral sense.
3. At the root medium SATURN mountain, which symbolizes caution, reflection, cunning.
4. At the root ring finger mountain sun showing artistic sense, idealism, chance.
5. At the root of the little finger is Mount Mercury, indicating eloquence, intelligence, transitory.
6. Mercury on the mountain, the mountain back of the hand is MARS. Relevance of physical and intellectual strength courage, abnegation.
7. MARS on the mountain, on the other side of the mountain is Mount VENUS MOON. These show imagination, intuition, memory.
8. The space in the center of the palm, bordered by mountains is called "Field of Mars." As this region is longer compared to the hand with both the spirit is lighter and faster decisions.

Regarding the mountains, have said they represent the individual's mental strength and how are relief even feels stronger individual desires, ambitions, likes and repulsion, etc..

When a mountain is located at the base of that finger but lean and joins another, this means that both have similar characteristics.

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