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Healthy Eating

There have written a lot about nutrition, diet is based on a reasonable good health, many things are even contradictory, beating the issues head-on until the meat consumption of various food preparation methods, but most nutritionists give a hard battle with colorful windows and television ads of some products as indigestible as it is attractive, ready prepared or cooked, housewives who come to the aid of ever running out of time. have been written about the need exercise and sport in good health, but few of the messages being carriers of a strong motivation, without which daily work of many people remain focused especially on TV. The progress of science, technological development, have produced a devaluation of the work and created today's consumer society.

This requires us pressing emotional need of the individual consumer, individual produce division that gives rise of conflicts and internal tensions. He calls the literature in two ways:
"biogenic needs: hunger, thirst, discomfort, etc..
" psychogenic needs: the need for discretion, of respect, etc..
All this inner tension, cause the individual to act and meet the need reduce the tension felt. Most decisions and actions are emotional. And the more important decisions to be taken, the more intense are the emotions related to that event. Advertising focuses almost exclusively on describing the merits of a product or service because the benefits binds directly emotional needs of potential consumers. Almost everything we know today about nutrition comes from televised propaganda consumer products, whose purpose is not individual but sales, profit.
Lately, however, more and more people realize the importance and value of natural products, more grow and prepare their people even different products, which proves more wide spread area of knowledge on nutrition and natural medicine, and interest is growing, just as the effects obtained on ways and means natural health really means. To obtain the beneficial effects on your health first must create the environment that they occur, realizing the importance that food has to acquire this health.
No one should dictate what you should eat and how to eat , which is often the commercials of television stations. What is most important in-depth understanding of the processes that make our state be better or worse. Maybe today you feel frustrated with no visible reason, may feel tired, although lately have not had a busy schedule. Maybe today you feel full of energy and love and do not know where it comes from. If you can not understand that diet and your lifestyle are leading to disease or to a better state of existence, you will not be able to produce even changing diet for a longer period of several weeks. The more you manage to cheat on yourself with justifications like "it does not hurt one bit."
The justification for today circulated diet of many people is:
"If we take into account all, I would not have allowed to eat anything "
wrong But his mind because he fears the unknown. Anxiety makes it to find justification, because it can not give up what he knows and gives him momentary convenience and satisfaction. Unknown claims as a name of the individual, namely courage. Conservatism means stagnation, the unknown offers a chance to escape life, progress. Select the unknown! - Turn it on its own experience and only then, the significance and importance of the activity from your diet will make sense, you can really motivate. Then, the unknown that appears at first inconvenient, inaccessible, in contradiction with the desires and habits earlier, gradually becomes an inexhaustible source of experience and foundation in good health.
The natural principles is that the human body is by its very nature-hungry harmony and health. He manages this by cleaning tracks and to continue the waste, which is possible because all the healing powers of the universe can manifest in our being, thanks to the phenomenon of resonance. We should just agree with them and we let them unfold unhindered. Thus autocurata body is autovindeca is latching. Nature put at the disposal of all its beneficial energy. We face a state of disease only when violating the natural laws of life, when instead we choose to resonate with good resonating with evil.

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Healthy Eating

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