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Nutrition - Herbal

Proximity to nature, escape from artificially created climate of today's society must be the first step in adopting a new healthier lifestyle, more free, more full. But convenience and habit will always stand in the way of natural practices, and may be rebutted only by awareness of the beneficial effects, cures and treatments of natural healing. Culture and knowledge in nutrition and phytotherapy can easily be acquired only by personal interest and experience of its own. In support of all those who want to know more about these areas come to help today more and more publications and television shows. There are also more and more organizing seminars and courses on these issues, many of which are even free. Also specialized stores selling natural products multiply and thrive. Here are just some of the products they offer:

First foods or protein sources, meat substitutes considered due to intake of a high quality vegetable protein like soy sons, chickpeas or lentils. It is known that soybeans have the highest potential plant nutrient containing two times more protein than beef. One of the strong prejudice of consumers of meat is that the resulting protein content of meat can be substituted at the plant since it does not contain all essential amino acids, essential for life. Any nutritionist can absolutely confirm, however, that soy contains all essential amino acids and in addition does not cause the formation of uric acid is produced from meat (especially pork), and in terms of minerals soy contains twice the amount contained in vegetables, three times more than pasta and five times more than meat and eggs. However with a high content of vitamins make soy a real source of health. Herbal stores, soy can be found in the form of grain or textured. Textured soy can find new and grocery stores in the form of semi for schnitzels, droburi, meatballs and cabbage. Soy beans can be prepared a lot of other related products like soy milk, soy butter or soy flour.
Similar to soy is chickpeas that can be used successfully in preparing meatballs or stuffed cabbage is a good replacement for pilafurilor meat but much tastier than soy. Chickpeas can be even a substitute for coffee. Roasted and ground, beans, chickpeas have a strong incentive effect digestive and nervous systems. Of chick peas and chicory coffee can make a good natural for children to give them the appetite and made ??by straining water chickpeas beans is a true elixir of health. Consumption of one drink per day is recommended during the winter fighting colds and giving a feeling of alertness and vitality. Chick pea water is very appreciated as refreshing masculine potency increasing rapidly.
Oil, another widely used food to all households in these stores can be found in the form of cold pressed oil, which is much higher in fiber content, unlike of the known fibers are absolutely necessary to achieve a normal intestinal traffic. They mature in the intestine acts as an absorbing toxins and harmful substances engaging. In larger quantities of these fibers can be found in cereals. All these shops you will find plenty of cereals or cereal-based products such as wheat germ. They are considered the most alkaline food. Eliminate toxins from the body while having energostimulante and revitalizing properties. By sprouting wheat increases its content of vitamins, minerals and enzymes necessary for maintaining cellular functions. Wheat germ contain octacosanol improves muscle strength, decreasing pain that can occur after intense exercise. It is recommended for convalescence, fatigue. Recommend their use in traditional medicine diabetes, asthma, rheumatism, gastroenteritis, constipation, hemorrhoids, gallstones and kidney, premenstrual syndrome.
Along with grain known as ingredients in various recipes, you can find millet which is similar to wheat but food quality has a pleasant taste, sweet. Because it contains compounds that millet is recommended anemicilor, convalescent, pregnant women, elderly and students during exams.
sesame, another requires less used in traditional recipes have aphrodisiac properties, intellectual and sexual stimulant, and emollient properties which is why is used in cosmetics. Sea salt is another product designed to replace table salt with a high mineral content, carob, which can get Cocoa to prepare desserts and many other products can I find in these stores, natural pharmacies or better.
Phytotherapy offers then a variety of natural products as substitutes or complements of classical drugs, which are well known are made ??by chemical. These products are often compared or associated with empirically remedies or non-Orthodox spiritual practice not knowing the scientific basis behind their implementation. Herbal preparations, without any chemical processing often discouraged by the effect of late they have in comparison with conventional drugs. Their effects can not be denied but, in fact, this represents the key effective and complete healing by completely eliminating the causes of disease. Aloe-Vera of them and spirulina have extensive application, acceptance and even support from doctors because of its visible effects they produce in a short time. Beneficial effects, late of Ayurvedic herbal medicine are not fully seen and accepted as harmful effects, late of traditional medicines are often ignored.
Even so it is good for everyone to be broadened horizons through availability of all kinds so that choice not be conditioned by the lack of information, lack of diversity in choosing their way of life, as close to nature must constitute itself the lifestyle of everyone. Always stay with nature. Find all that is natural because we naturally feel tense, anxious, uncomfortable. No one can feel good in an unnatural situation and yet society around us only creates situations of this kind.

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