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Sexual therapy

Orgasm and frigidity


Because your sex life to be a normal, must, in addition to the physical powers, was more willing and some knowledge that will help you better understand your partner and the entire mechanism of sex.
This chapter will help to understand that the culmination of female pleasure, depends on several factors.
In general, men can have orgasms every time they make love. Women however, are not so lucky. Some women were part of one or more peaks each time you make love. Others are happy just to get close. And few women are very frustrated because of this inability to have orgasm during intercourse.
Orgasm is a subjective perception of maximum intensity of sexual stimulation, manifested by a sensation of pleasure! Subjective orgasm begins with a feeling of suspension or stop, which lasts a moment, and is immediately followed by intense lust consciousness. Orgasm is an overwhelming delight, covering the entire body, giving the state an incomparable pleasure, in which time seems stopped in its flow. This state seems to have little relation to reproduction, as perpetuating individual and occurs in the absence of orgasm.
Orgasm makes partners who love each other to spread, or rather to be filled with energy, which is intertwined and that goes beyond them.
During orgasm, there is a state similar to a "lucid trance." Laughing or crying that includes some women orgasm is not a manifestation of hysterical, but a form of perception culminations acuplarii. Both partner the orgasm when mimics have a sober, serious, focused. The seriousness and concentration since preorgasmic and the highest point of orgasm in no room nor to trivialities or sweet nothings, even if lovers used. Twitching orgasm is like staring at the time of death.
orgasmic experience varies from person to person, the same person, the intensity of orgasm is different in relation to certain circumstances, but most of all the stages of life.
Orgasm is common to men and women, and the often expressed as intense physical pleasure, manifested by both sexes, with a discharge tension arising from sexual arousal. Moment "ecstatic" following his nervous expansion manifested by somatic, a total relaxation and the physical plan, a twilight state and abandonment.
orgasm lasts between 3 and 10 seconds.
female orgasm can be triggered spotan at the time of ejaculation (orgasm) man, but most times, two phenomena do not coincide.
Most times she perceive near orgasm: sexual tension growing and at one point, an orgasm is inevitable. Usually, in this "siuatie no return" will force a woman to obtain orgasm suggesting, verbal or nonverbal man, it is necessary to accelerate and amplify the movement copulatorii. Sometimes there is no need to accelerate the pace, but the force or movement, she asks partner to stop, it just moves them running Covina.
The male orgasm once triggered can not be interrupted by external factors or by will.
Unlike man , which reach its peak of excitement is followed inevitably by orgasm (and ejaculation), the woman can "rate" orgasmul.Un unexpected noise or "annoying", change the pace or the position of partner, a man suddenly ejaculation can lead to failure to obtain orgasm by women. Psychic and somatic, she felt very unpleasant as this state of perplexity - "half satisfied, half frustrated." Objective and subjective this failure, is seen in muscle tension, nervousness, depression, sometimes very intense pulsing headache.
Orgasm is achieved by tactile stimulation of the genitals, but can be obtained by tactli stimuli that leave the nipples or psychic stimuli , imagination (fantasmatice stimulation).
Women have an orgasm, either by stimulation of the clitoris only, either by penetration, deep penis into the vagina, followed by moves copulatorii, in the first case we obtain a very intense orgasm, acute, "electric" and in the second situation occurs orgasm more "internal" deep, warm, full, subtle, softer diffuse.
Most women can achieve orgasm the clitoris, and vaginal. However, some fail than voluptuous sensations, triggered the clitoral orgasm itself is accomplished only through vaginal arousal.
Masters and Johnson made ??the observation that, during the excitement, the woman has a sexual rosire the face, breasts and later, other areas of the body. Nipples become hard and immediately start vaginal lubrication. The clitoris swells and stretches.
During this phase, the first thirty seconds when the man starts moving intravaginal, two thirds of the vagina extends from the inside reflex. It is a long, accompanied by a widening. In fact, it is a supraextindere so high an erect penis, may be lost in the space, while the coital movements continue after a minute the "bloated" ceases.
vagina contracting involuntarily around the penis. These small adjustments mean that a woman can comfortably accommodate smaller or larger penises. It is clear - at least for muscles to access the vagina - that means a stronger muscle better molding which, in turn, provide more intense sensations of both partners.
During sexual stimulation, women's physical reactions can be classified according following phases:
Phase arousal: rosire sexual in nature, hard nipples, vaginal lubrication, increased and erect clitoris, vagina expanded.
plateau: the area around the nipple swells, increasing heart rate, withdrawal of the clitoris, vaginal lips and increase internal turn red, increasing the area outside the vagina, increasing overall muscle tension.
orgasmic phase: the pelvis and uterus contract repeatedly maximum muscle tension.
Phase Recovery: Erect nipples and redness disappear, the clitoris returns to its normal position, the vagina is the normal size.
During the plateau phase, aureolele breast swell, creating the impression that there was no nipple erection. Heart rate increases and the clitoris withdraws, becomes very difficult to locate. Labia minora (inner lips) become intensely red and will grow to their normal size twice.
Although the inside of the vagina has expanded, increased blood flow causes swelling of the outer third of the vagina, which form what is called orgasmic platform. Entry is 30 to 50 percent narrower. Most voluntary muscles are in this part of the vagina.
So narrowing correlated with a higher strength of these muscles can lead to more intense coercion, so a more intense stimulation to the penis.
increased muscle tension, accumulated in the first two phases reaches a peak during orgasm phase. Uterus and vaginal muscles contract explosive three to fifteen times. A great orgasm intensity can trigger a contraction lasting two to four seconds and repeat the contractions that follow at intervals of about one second.
Finally, during recovery, nipple erection and flushing of nature sexual disappear. Clitoris returns to its normal position in five to ten seconds after cessation of contractions during orgasm platform.
Masters and Johnson noted, not surprisingly, these phases last longer in women than in men. This is especially true during the fertile matings during which there was not enough stimulation, manual or oral, or an inexperienced man who knows how to stimulate your partner.
Interestingly, during masturbation, the woman is in control and knows exactly what to touch and how long it can go, as the man at maximum intensity in two to three minutes.
For a woman to reach orgasm, she needs stimulation of the clitoris consistency. This causes an increase in genital blood flow and an increase in muscle tension, ultimately leading to orgasm. But if the stimuli are not appropriate, she can jump over expansion orgasm and fall slowly on a plateau phase of recovery, excessively prolonged.
Masters and Johnson have described three ways subjective feeling of orgasm by women:
a Model A that includes women with multiple orgasms. The plateau between orgasms no refractory period. These women can trigger successive orgasms 6-7. Usually the second or third orgasm is felt subjectively experience more pleasant and satisfying. The man, in case of repeated sexual intercourse in the same meeting, the first orgasm is more intense. This is probably related to the amount ejaculantului.
2 Model B is characteristic of young women, less experienced in terms of sexual: they see the rapid growth to steady excitation. Plateau has small fluctuations to orgasm without an orgasm is achieved. After the plateau, following a slow decline, to a state in which sexual arousal disappears.
3 Model C is characterized by a rapid increase in excitability, not steady, but the unique intense orgasm.

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