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Sexual therapy



Improve your sex life with PenisGYM
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Impotence is generally defined as difficulty or inability to obtain orgasm by man.
In the following we will refer to erectile impotence, which is characterized by permanent inability to Babati, to obtain and maintain a penile erection rigid enough, to fulfill a sexual intercourse.
Impotence can be divided into two categories, namely:
- Functional impotence and here it is sexually inexperienced youth impotence or failure of the first sexual contact with a new partner. This can occur even in cases of normal, healthy men.
represents 30% -50% of impotence.
- organic impotence, which is due to the existence of vascular or neurological injuries.
50% -70% of impotence.

Before presenting the factors that predispose to impotence if the two types should be noted that, often, impotence oganice dysfunction due to organic, are associated psychological problems thus leading to a vicious circle in which the two types of impotence is preceding. In general, after improving organic impotence, can easily install the functional due to a fear of failure in reânceperea normal sexual life!
People tend to exaggerate. It is a principle that works for sex. Even if gender bias, no more so felt the fear of sexual failure and trial partner is a psychological factor, strong enough to create conditions of installing a functional impotence (psychological).
Factors advocates functional origin ( psychogenic) of impotence:
- sudden onset of sexual relations;
- diserectia selective (only for impotence appearance of a partner, her disappearing for another)
- morning or nocturnal erections existence;
- soothe potency leaving the everyday environment (eg in leave period)
- the presence of social problems-piho (professional issues, economic issues, arguments between partners)
- treatment with some drugs;
- poisoning by tobacco, alcohol or drug
- the presence of important existential issues that occur in periods long, weeks, months.
Factors that advocates of organic origin (lesion) of impotence:
- installing progressive diserectiilor;
- lack of libido;
- surgery or trauma to the pelvic;
- diabetes
- atherosclerosis, hypertension , peripheral arterial disease, coronary history. As you noticed there are a number of factors that can lead to installing one of the types of impotence. Generally, impotence is based on several factors, but not required that the action of one or more factors of those listed above, lead necessarily to impotence. It depends on individual predisposition, the peculiarities of the individual psychological, the social climate and conjugal, if these factors are harmful or not. Since installation requires the existence of organic ipotentei conditions that require consultation with a specialist and following treatment, we will limit ourselves to a brief the other for impotence namely the functional (psychogenic) which in some cases can disposing by will of its own subject. Fear of failure leads, particularly in adolescents and young erection due to inhibition of negative emotions (neâncredere, resentment, fear of not satisfying the demands of sexual partners). Such a failure is because they lived at in a real disaster in terms of self-esteem, especially if the subject is neâncrezator in his virility. man suffering from impotence, performed by such mechanism, is always concerned with penis rigidity during sexual encounters, instead go with the erotic sensations. It is this voluntary control resulting in a decrease in erection, or if it has not occurred, it no longer produces. Repeat these failures, makes the person concerned, to avoid situations intimate partner, which in the long run, lead to diminished libido. In this situation it is very important partner reaction to the situation, an inadequate response inducing a sense of subject devaluation and guilt, which disrupts the harmony worsen sexual impotence and torque. Most often in such circumstances reduce sexual desire and diserectia associated with premature ejaculation. Another form of functional impotence (psychogenic) may occur sporadically, due to consumption intense physical and psychological (fatigue) in men with extra concerns intense and sustained-sexual, marital conflicts in case of temporary failures in the case of social and professional failures. Impotentele psychogenic can occur in men who in childhood or adolescence have been victims of trauma and sexual violence. Also, fear of leaving pregnant partner or fear of contamination with STDs can cause impotence psychogenic. If until now we have referred to how they appear and install various forms of psychogenic impotence, we refer to as less and how the subject can be treated. Whatever type of impotence, a very important partner has and how she reacts to failure often repeated a partner to complete intercourse. Positive attitude and understanding from it, together with the desire to restore harmony sex couple can be a start in eliminating some of psychogenic factors. The attitude of the person concerned is also determined. Induction of positive thinking and awareness that there is a problem that requires a remedy, and which often is reflected best by someone with proper training (doctor), is a decisive step towards healing. Denying the existence of an imbalance psychological or even some certified organic, do nothing to isolate the subject behind the feelings of devaluation that will aggravate impotence. The best advice in such cases is to consult a specialist and follow a specific type of impotence medication to plus individual psychotherapy, relaxation techniques, psychotherapy couple or nasal reflex.

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