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Sexual therapy

Increased sexual performance


Improve your sex life with PenisGYM
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The secret of sexual life is exceptional, in close connection with the sexual organs muscles. Normally, muscles sex is widely used, so it must be trained to be used as well, because it is a key unsuspected erotic fulfillment.
These issues were discovered in India and China thousands of years ago being rediscovered and made ??available by Dr. Arnold Kegel in value.
The role of exercises for sexual muscle training has implications not only obtain great sexual performance, but has beneficial effects on physical and mental health in general. Some scientists agree that an intense and regular sex life, which can be easily achieved by practicing these exercises, develop creativity, intelligence, and can protect the body from some diseases, pain or mental pressure. We know that most therapies for stress is largely based on muscle relaxation.

Physical love is one of the most relaxing activities for the muscles.
In terms of sexual practice these exercises develop a stronger erection, offering scope for a more intense orgasm, premature ejaculation cure prostate illness and eliminate risks.
The most important muscles over which they act The following exercises are
1.Muschii pubo-coccigieni or pelvic floor muscles.
These muscles have a figure eight and consists of two loops. The first loop includes the penis, while the second loop surrounding the penis. In crosses where the two loops around the middle of the perineum, the prostate is situated projection. Next we will call this place the point P.
This point can be easily located during urination, the contraction which occurs off the jet. After you've managed to locate this point, you will notice that triggers rhythmic clicking of erection, as if pressed strongly inhibits ejaculation.
2. Cremasteri muscle
contraction of these muscles act on the testes. They can be located by including the testicles with your fingers to form a ring and withdrawn without using abdominal muscles.
locating these muscles will be able to prolong intercourse by their relaxation in the critical moment of ejaculation. Ejaculation will not occur, and sex will continue.

Next we will present a series of exercises and processes that will act on the muscle groups especially mentioned.

Autostimularea point P and pressing
goal of this process is to obtain a state of intense excitement and keep an erection for at least 30 min. The 30 min. is the minimum needed to produce dilation of blood vessels and muscle tension to cause prolonged orgasm. During this time, you should preântâmpini ejaculation each time point by pressing P.
This training is required at least one week.

P puncutului urinary contractions
ancient name of this process is "tightening the anus". This process will develop in control of sexual mechanisms, by raising awareness of certain processes occurring at the time of ejaculation so that it can be anticipated and avoided. Thus, every time you go to the toilet stops running during urination intentionally, at least 10 times.
The advantage of this exercise is that the discreet can be practiced anywhere. Remember every time you urinate a few times to stop running.

The exercises that follow are variants of the process the ancient "raising the anus." They can be carried at all times "death" of the day (while going by car, bus, when you're on TV in the morning when you wake up at night before bed, etc.).. Although these exercises seem simple, amazing effects in obtaining a good control.

Option 1
is încoarda pubo muscles with maximum power-coccigieni without abdominal surgery and lasts as long as possible this contraction. It is better if the contract can be retained at least 30 sec.

Option 2
This option can be done every morning before you rise from bed every night before falling asleep. Exercise consisted of rapid muscle contraction and relaxation pubo-coccigieni as fast. Run 100 moves.

Variant 3
has to keep the muscles tense-coccigieni pubo as long a time. To this end their contract is done, but not all power, followed by an incomplete relaxation, so that contraction and relaxation cycle to be under a constant voltage.

Version 4
is a complex exercise that has little effect on penis enlargement by increasing blood flow in the corpus cavernosum. Take flaccid penis in hand and massage through embrocation short to achieve an erection. Right now hang from the penis larger and pointer fingers together and pull the skin down and the fingers press the point P. It încoarda pubo-coccigieni muscles rhythmically 10 times to force the blood entering the corpus cavernosum, then try to maintain up to 30 seconds. the erection obtained in this way.

Lifting testicle
This exercise develops muscles cremaster, and the ability to relax when walker ejaculation.
sitting in a chair, sitting with legs apart so that the testicles to hang free. In this position seeks to achieve the lifting testicle to pool without abdominal muscles tighten. Run 100 such repetitions.
Another variation of this exercise is to raise the skin of the testicles testicle retaining easily with two fingers, or simply pulling down balls covered with ring-shaped fingers. This traction or retention should be done with moderate force to not impede circulation. Penetration slow This method, used to prolong lovemaking, it is practiced during penetration and involves partners in a slow and control of respiratory rhythm. trend lower and vain to accelerate the pace and let the prey animal instinct, which most often manifests itself strongly and impossible to control, is headquartered in the subconscious and produce over 90% of premature ejaculation. Penetration slow, practiced regularly, is really a drug that removes the time all issues related to ejaculation and improves the quality and quantity intercourse. If during penetration, greatly increases arousal, it is necessary to withdraw your penis so as not to remain in the vagina than 1-2 cm. If ejaculation is imminent come out completely with a sudden movement and breathe deeply, taking your breath then. This is done while P. imminent premature contraction point will disappear within 30 seconds. After the retention of sperm once or several times if necessary, to observe the disappearance of strong excitation, when the penetration rate can change. One thing very important to remember the rhythm penetration is messy. A disordered rhythm will prevent first occurrence of numbness in women that occurs when a regular pace and will have a beneficial effect on the tendency to ejaculate.

Penis Collection (squeezing)
This method of prolonging erotic pleasure was known in ancient times in Eastern traditions. Rediscovered by Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the method strâgerii penis healed cases of premature ejaculation.
The method consists in gathering power penis during lovemaking, before the occurrence of ejaculation. Gathering can be achieved in several parts of the penis. Of these the best known is the crown point glans, many sexologists recommending raising the entire gland. In India, in ancient times used to gather the entire penis.

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