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Sexual therapy

Penis enlargement


Penis enlargement
with PenisGYM
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Since ancient times, sex was a subject as taboo, controversial and condemned as it is adults, often just by those who stirred controversy around the subject.
The limit of XX and XXI centuries when everything is about sex has ceased to be hidden from sight and the people most often associate the word temptation is a beautiful woman with long legs and breasts attractive people, men and women alike began to ask different questions, which are mainly related to quality sexual and means to improve quality. Penis size has become such a favorite topic in the world of sexuality for both women and men, penis size is considered directly involved in obtaining satisfaction. Although this account is purely psychological, a primary determinant for the quality of intercourse is LOVE, there is no denying that penis size can have major implications in sexual stimulation.

Much has been said in the debate on this issue, but truthfully the only answer can be found only in the fantasies and desires that we span the brain and excite our sexuality.
- How many men do not want to have a bigger penis?
- How many speak about the problems that exist between them and their partners?
- How many are willing to discuss these issues with a specialist?
a bigger penis, a stronger erection, these desires are in us, and answer the question "Is penis enlargement possible? " is: YES! It is possible. Others have succeeded! CD " PenisGYM - methods and techniques for penis enlargement "is not only a demonstration of this, complete with instant photo and video demonstrations of natural exercises used by those who have succeeded.

In terms of physiological explanation is very simple:

The penis is composed of the root, body and head (glans). A portion of property located in the perineum and a mobile portal. We try to limit ourselves in our presentation, only moving part of the penis without going into too much detail anatomical unrelated erection and maintain it.
The size of the penis differs mobile among men, but according to studies they falls between these approximate limits:

Small - under 13 inches
Medium - 13-15 inches
Large - 15-18 cm
Very high - 18 cm

The penis consists of three cylindrical body containing erectile tissue (due to erectile tissue, can go from flaccid penis in erection). Two of this body are corpus cavernosum penis and penile spongy body is third. The corpora cavernosa are parallel and are located above the foam body, the latter being traversed the entire length of the urethra. These three corpora that make up the corpus of the penis erectile are mainly responsible for size and strength of the penis. For your penis size increase, he should be forced to retain a larger amount of blood in the corpus cavernosum.
Each corpus cavernosum is wrapped in a fibrous tunic called albuginee.

From albuginee loose septa, which penetrate inside the corpora cavernosa, compartimentându them in many small cavities. These cavities, called sinuses vascular give a spongy appearance. When the penis is flaccid, and spongy cavernous sinuses do not contain very little blood, their walls are very close. When you begin to achieve erection, cavernous sinuses are flooded with blood through the venous system to increase blood volume penian.Odata retained within the corpora cavernosa, is made penile veins and pressure on the tapering, favoring retention of blood. Now it makes a rapid increase in intracavernous pressure, the blood filling the penis the most. It makes such a full erection.
Through special exercises presented in the CD " PenisGYM - methods and techniques for Enlargement PENISULI "will result in erectile tissue, so he is able to hold ever more blood. Every time when blood is forced into the corpus cavernosum, their pressure will destroy some cells cavernosa. They will recover in coming days, permanent adaugânduli the new cells which will increase the mass of the corpora cavernosa and thus your penis. However, even if we were created layers of cells in your penis does not mean that growth will be immediately obvious to the human eye. You must have patience. It will take several weeks until the permanent reservoir of new cells can be noticed with the naked eye.
Once you start the exercises, the penis will grow by 4 cm in flaccidity and for the same period, growth in the erect penis is only 2 cm . This happens to most of the practice exercises, but after a period of time erect penis growth will depasii on the flaccid.

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