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Sexual therapy

Premature ejaculation. Treating premature ejaculation


Treating premature ejaculation
with PenisGYM
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Premature ejaculation, the most common male sexual problem, is the elimination of spermatic fluid before or shortly after penetration of the penis into the vagina.
The normal duration of intercourse is 5-30 minutes. Can vobi a pathological situation where sex takes less than 5 minutes from intromisiune but if exceeding 30 minutes (over an hour) it is impossible to ejaculate.
It is generally viewed from different megând also consider them as a lack of sexual experience and up to a functional disorder.
Should not be considered primarily as a disaster. In cases where it is not her genital lesions are reversible, with an effort and in most cases without prescribing drugs.
Removing controllers starts from premature ejaculation ejaculation. Many consider an act of ejaculation reflex and therefore uncontrollable. Not so, and this could be based on scientific findings about human behavior during sex.

He attempted a systematic exercise to control ejaculation, which is based on the ability to recognize the best feelings of sexual arousal and tension, behavior modification and the ability to prevent or delay ejaculation.
During intercourse, there is a certain period of time when man can control his ejaculation. So-called control area is between the beginning of stimulation until the penis before ejaculation control point where it becomes impossible.
If you want to enjoy a prolonged sexual act in which to enjoy every moment of arousal without ejaculating immediately but will have to learn to recognize the control and to adapt movements so as to keep as long as in this area but without depasii heart. To do this, you must know very well. Movements and gestures you should know that will excite more and that might lead to ejaculation, to temper excitement at times.
A man who can not control ejaculation, has no alternative, moving the zero to maximum arousal, without pause. He may be aware of when you ejaculate, but does not know the existence of the control zone and therefore does not know what could be done in this area.
X's behavior and to shorten or prolong the sexual act, involving a number of automatic habits outside the field of consciousness. Most likely will not know what to tell you do to control their ejaculation. It's like riding a bike. You can not say, specifically, what you do to keep yourself in it, but you are aware of the movement to be made to bring your balance.
At the top of the control area, is what, Masters and Johnson called the ejaculatory inevitability point or point of no return shortly. This is the point at which man feels he will ejaculate. And it is exactly what happened. Perceived sensations are caused by contractions of the prostate and seminal vesicles. Once these contractions occur, ejaculation is about to occur and nothing can stop her. Ejaculatory control can be exercised beyond the point of no return.

Control area is represented by the feeling of sexual excitement or tension. For men it is difficult to differentiate the feeling of sexual arousal of the voltage, which is essential to those wishing to develop better control of ejaculation. During intercourse, something inside you grows in intensity, whether you call it passion, tension or excitement. All you have to do is follow this feeling. The best way is to focus on body parts where you feel the most intense increase in the sense of excitement / tension. This area is for most men, or penis or scrotum. You need to know at what level reaches point of no return sensation. Before this can do something to control ejaculation.
Men have acquired this control, usually without realizing that he had learned. We all learned to control some reflexes, whether we succeed or not to control ejaculation. Control urination reflex is the best example. As long ago have learned to recognize your body signals and controllers related to urinary actually feel which muscles should I contract to delay urination, so now must learn to control the running time of sexual tension to it or diminish it increase.
Premature ejaculation is not measured in time but with the will.
Concentration is an important factor to achieve results with exercises control ejaculation. Fear that you can not help but ejaculate, creates stress that makes you ejaculate too quickly.
This may be true, but at the same time can be an important determinant of an image that you create about themselves and may enhance the image you just want to change it.
It will be easier to change your sexual habits, if at the same time you change the image that you have about yourself. Try as much as possible to imagine yourself as you want to be and continues today as the image slightly.

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