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Tarot divinatory arts of charge at first place because of science combines esoteric knowledge of several areas such as Kabbalah, numerology, astrology and oriental elements of the secret tradition.

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Some of the most competent authors of occultism were Teophrastus, Fabre D'OLIVET, Eliphas Levi, Paracelsus, Dolls and others, which shows that this science is closely related to alchemy, gnosticism and occultism in general. All of them say the Tarot comes from ancient Egypt. Eliphas Levi says "Tarot is a hieroglyphic alphabet and numbers through its characters and numbers to express a wide range of universal and divine ideas." He also said that: "Quartet symbolically represented by the four aspects of the Sphinx (man, eagle, lion, bull) correspondent finds the four elements of the ancient world are: earth, water, fire, air.


Symbols explained by analogy only word hidden in the mystery of the occult sanctuaries. This word was not pronounced but written and voiced by 4 words that are actually the 4 sacred Hebrew alphabet letters: Yod, HE, Vau, He (YEHOVA - Hebrew name for God). Thus, the Tarot is like a Divine Absolute applied mathematics is the link between what is good and positive ideal, a kind of lottery of thoughts as exact as numbers. It is perhaps the simplest and grandest conception of human genius. "

Ancient priests held the great spiritual traditions of Tarot art. Papus said in one of his books that all wisdom initiative was embedded in ancient Egyptian Tarot symbols in order to be kept so for future generations. Evolution comes with penetrating spiritual meanings of tarot major arcanelor, helping us to understand evolutionary steps towards perfection. Classic Tarot contains four subdivisions of occult: alchemy, astrology, Kabbalah and magic. Arcane Tarot contains 22 major and 56 minor arcane. It is necessary to insist on the symbolic figure designating such arcana. It allows us to efficiently implement the ideas contained in major arcanele.

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