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The significance of names


The significance of names

Originally, in the tradition of all peoples around the world, claiming the name gives a natural dowry eschatological investing archetypal qualities.
Name Stone invoke archetypal principle of stone, strength and steadfastness.
name perfume Flower harmony and bliss beauty awake.
Jesus puts name Peter (Stone) Simon the fisherman, thus investing him with the grace of esoteric and exoteric to be the foundation of the mysteries of Christianity, his future kingdom.

The old name was always directly related to the qualities of what it expresses. The name is a general package of the human psyche coloristicii and diversity. Can give a tone to emphasize or to exalt certain aspects of the huge reservoir of latent human psyche.

Name inspire these qualities, and should not. The name is a very important element in society. He inspires a certain kind of personality, apparently impregnated with qualities or defects, should give respect or sound noble, arouse curiosity etc. This is why most movie stars change their true names, authors of books used names, aliases (who would buy an expensive book Usturel Ciupitu signed with the name?).

Also name the letters are basically sound vibrations that loads specific energy vibrations name letters. Ex: A - vocal positive, open, express freedom, solar, yang (Apollo) B - consonant yin, feminine, monthly, water (Bendis), etc.

The origin fonimelor they were designed so as to express their simple resonance condition, meaning holistic goal. This we meet especially philosophy and the study of Sanskrit, considered as the first in which all others descend. The letters of this alphabet is basically the manifestation of the universe.

In the folklore of all peoples name was given based on skills and resonances that was gifted person. For example the Native Americans, a Batsmen was called "keen eye". The Roman was a carpenter named "Dulgheru." The Highlander was a German named "Oslo."

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The Significance Of Names

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