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Nutrition - healthy eating

Consumption of meat and health

The yogic concept and some religions, lacto-vegetarian diet balanced to completely exclude meat, will determine a state of excellent health. We are to a large extent what we eat, we learn yogic millennial conception. Delicious that we swallowed with lust is ultimately found more or less transformed, and then continue to exist some time in each of our cells, influencing not only our physical health and vitality but also just how to thinking and spiritual feelings.
With several thousand years ago, realized the immense importance of wise yogis lacto-vegetarian food on health, also noting its multiple effects on both the vitality and regeneration of body and mind. Previous research has highlighted the fact that human anatomy is not carnivore, like the digestive system which is adapted for the digestion of fruit oilseeds, cereals and vegetables

As with anthropoid monkey, human intestines length totals about 12 times the body length which makes obvious slow digestion of fruits and vegetables. In an article published recently in the American magazine "Medical Counter Point", S. Collius Williams wrote: "Man is endowed with teeth obviously is more like that of herbivores than carnivores that: they incisors sharp to cut grass, with flat molars to crush fruits and vegetables, and short rounded canines to tear and crush unfit meat. "
carnivores have an almost unlimited capacity to absorb cholesterol saturated fat. Dogs for example, can consume 250 g of butter along with their rations of meat still appear normal without the slightest change in their arteries. The amount of cholesterol is about. 100 times the average found in our diet. In rabbits there is an amazing change of arterial walls to an increase of only 2 g per day the amount of cholesterol. Eskimos, who live mainly in meat, though aging rapidly, with an average life of only 27 years and a half. Kirghiz, nomadic tribe of eastern Russia, whose regime essentially consists only of the flesh grow old and die prematurely turn fast enough, not to exceed, more often than age 40 years.
According to Encyclopedia Britannica, are found in animals killed large quantities of toxins such as uric acid or other toxic wastes that are both in their blood and in the tissues, which is due to biochemical changes produced during the horrific agony animals struggling for their their lives. One of the most serious problems of our century is cancer, vulnerability and risk of cancer is increased in people consuming more meat. One of the reasons that favor the disease could be that a piece of meat after a few days after killing the animal acquires a gray-green olives, and to prevent this degradation, the meat industry currently uses different substances affecting human sasatatea time, such as nitrates and other preservatives to make it artificially (but unhealthy) appear red.
animal fats such as cholesterol and blood vessel walls covers as eating meat person ages, the opening of these vessels is diminished in more and more. Pressure on the heart increases, resulting in increased vulnerability to heart and blood pressure. In our society a person consuming meat of two will be touched by heart disease or who is related to blood vessels, while these same diseases are virtually unknown in countries where meat consumption is very low.
Unlike plants that have a rigid cell membrane and a simple circulatory system, animal cells die quickly when circulation is stopped. Immediately after death, animal proteins are secreted enzymes coagulate and self-defeating form a new substance emerges: "ptomaine".
Meat, fish and eggs are a common feature: they decompose and rot quickly. The largest amount of meat consumed usually within a week or two and here you have to remember that increasing the number of bacteria putrefaction and begins almost immediately after death. Habit of consuming animal meat such as it is characteristic of rapid decomposition creates violent poisons in the colon and, furthermore, premature aging gastrointestinal tract.
Since we can live in healthy without eating meat is natural to ask whether carnivorismul is a habit and human morality. Many religious and spiritual groups have planned vegetarian diet, recognizing the sanctity of all life and the need to live without causing suffering, among these groups are found: Yogis, Hindus, Buddhists, zoroastrienii, Taoists, Essenes, the Theosophical Society, Adventist Church, Unitarista Church, Order of the Cross, Benedictinii, Trapistii, Universal Christian Gnostic Movement, the Order of Rose Croix, etc.. In early times of Christianity, many Jewish and Christian spiritual groups opposed to the toughness of meat consumption, considering it a luxury expensive, barbaric and damaging health.
Anyone who has visited a slaughterhouse well known that animals suffer greatly before and while cutting them. A wise, SRI AUROBINDO explain the principle of Ahimsa - do no harm living beings, which means that our food should, where possible, be chosen from among living creatures in the manifestation of consciousness is minimized. Therefore, if we have available enough vegetables, fruits, cereals and various dairy animals should never be sacrificed (killed) to make food.
Changing a regime based solely on the meat with a lacto-vegetarian composed of raw food, fresh, pure and nutritious is easier than we think. There, on the contrary, plenty of delicious lacto-vegetarian specialties, with a high nutrient content which, due to ignorance, we do not yet have never had the opportunity to taste them even once, due to lack of information, habits and conventional prejudice conditioning. Many are quite astonished to find such protein-rich foods, prepared only plant based ingredients. Radiant health that will result will be fast enough not only physical. We get evidence to put the joy in charity actions and, with it, we feel the overwhelming kindness that emanates from our permanent state of love that is sent to all creatures (human and nonhuman). Vegetarianism can be justified from a medical, biological, physical, mental and spiritual. It is noteworthy that there is no intelligent argument against it.
Below you will find yourself many culinary recipes made ??from natural foods, properly prepared, that any housewife can do without effort and without additional expense. Raw materials for the preparation of these recipes is varied. From the same raw material, the plant can even prepare a huge number of meals according to the new opening of each of imagination but also the willingness to accept changes in diet, the way everyone knows eventually adapt to respect the principle of "eat to live, not live to eat."

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