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1. I stuffed peppers

"Approx. 1 kg green
"3 onions
"5 carrots
"500 ml broth or tomatoes without skin equivalent
"one big game
'400 g rice
"2 eggs
"a cream
"salt, pepper, parsley, oil
and onion peel cut chopped 3 carrots, clean and give grated and put together quality in some water. Add the broth or chopped tomatoes without peel. In this composition can optionally put a big game cook, clean and drain. Boil below.

Rice is chosen, rinse and drain, then add to the composition, stirring constantly so as not to catch the bottom, a few minutes. Remove from heat, let cool and add eggs, sea salt to taste, a little pepper, parsley and mix well. With this paste fill wash and clean seed peppers. Place the peppers in boiling water and they are almost cooked, add broth and 2 carrots razaliti. After cooked add the cream and put 3 tablespoons of oil.
Instead of eggplant can be put:
"1 package soy granules in water to boil sea salt and natural vegetation
"250 g soy beans, place the soaked 10 hours, then grind finely with grinders. Soya beans is much better than the textured, because it contains all the essential amino acids and other vitamins and minerals are removed through production of textured soy. Soy is the most important source of protein and a higher quality than animal protein.
"250 g chickpeas, place the soaked 10 hours, finely grind the grinders. It is much more palatable as soybeans.
" 400 g lentils
"400 g ground nuts
"passed 350-400 g

2. Stuffed Peppers II (appetizer)

"500 g cheese (cow or sheep)
"some sweet
"salt, paprika, parsley, oil or butter

Rub a little oil or butter cheese, chopped parsley and sea salt to taste. Mix until a homogeneous paste is filled with peppers, wash and clean the seeds. Stuffed peppers cut slices about 1 cm. These rings can decorate with sweet paprika and a parsley leaf green put in the middle.
After taste in composition can be finely chopped onion and put other spices (oregano, marjoram).

3. Potatoes with cheese pudding

"1 kg. Potatoes boiled in shell
"1 kg cheese
"4-5 carrots
"an onion
a "cream
"salt, green

Peeled potatoes cut slices. Onion peel, cut small fish and cook 3 minutes. Carrots peel, grated to make and cook 3 minutes, separately.
cheese rub, if the sheep with a little milk to the consistency of cream, and if the cows, with a little salt and maybe a little milk .
Prepare a tray with bread crumbs that lining or bran. (Do not put hot oil because oil forms acrolein which is a carcinogen!). Place a layer of potatoes, onions and carrots and then pour over the cheese, then still put a layer of potatoes and pour over a cream rubbed well. Bake.

4. Potato Salad I

"1 kg potatoes boiled in shell
"2 eggs
"an onion
"salt, paprika, parsley, olives

Peel and cut potatoes pieces. Peel onion and cut into slices. Make a mayonnaise of 2 yolks, oil and lemon juice. Mix all together and add salt, paprika, parsley and olive leaves.

5. Potato Salad II

"1 kg potatoes boiled in shell
"100 g beans soaked 10:00
"3 carrots
"5 eggs
"1 bunch green onions
"oil, lemon juice, salt, olive

Boiled potatoes and carrots cut small pieces and mixed with boiled beans, hard boiled eggs and sliced ??thin, oil, salt, lemon juice, chopped green onions. Garnish with olives. 6. I stuffed potatoes

"1 kg potatoes boiled in shell
"5 hard boiled eggs
"500 g cheese
"salt, milk

Peel potatoes and cut at one end. Pick, carefully not to break and allow the wall approx. 1 cm thick.
Composition for filling: Cut eggs into small pieces and mix with potatoes hollowed and broken, plus cheese, salt and milk to form a smooth paste consistency than a little cream. With this paste filled potatoes, which are put in a tray and give the oven 15 minutes. Then place on a platter and put a cream sauce over them and decorate with paprika, parsley and olives.
cream sauce
Soak 2 tablespoons of flour with 500 ml of milk. Add 250 ml cream, salt and finely chopped greens and simmer 10 minutes.

7. Stuffed Potatoes II

"1 kg potatoes boiled in shell
"500 g sheep cheese
"some milk
"paprika, salt, parsley

Potatoes peeled, cut in long pick. Filled with a paste of the cheese rubbed with a little milk, paprika and chopped parsley. Place potatoes in pan and bring to oven 15 minutes. Then put a plate on top and a cream sauce.
cream sauce
Soak 2 tablespoons of flour with 500 ml of milk. Add 250 ml cream, salt and finely chopped greens and simmer 10 minutes.

8. Potato Soup

"4 potatoes
"2 carrots
"2 patrunjei
"half celery
"two onions
"200 g peas
"natural vegetation

Finely chop onions, carrots, and celery are given patrunjeii grated. Place all the natural vegetation quality in some water. Then add the potatoes (and if raw peas) and cook on. If peas are canned, add almost over. After all ingredients are cooked add cream, salt and finely chopped greens.

9. Mushroom stew

"1 kg mushrooms
a "cream
"2 tablespoons flour
"0,5 l milk
, "salt, herbs, natural vegetation

Clean the mushrooms, washed, cut into small pieces and boil with natural vegetation. Add the flour soaked in milk, cream, herbs and salt to taste and simmer 10 minutes.
natural vegetation
by 1 kg of: carrot, celery, parsley, kohlrabi, parsnip, red pepper, cauliflower, cabbage is given by machine chopped and mixed with 1 kg of salt. Place in sterilized jars and sealed with a lid. Use one tablespoon not too full because it is very salty.

10. Mushroom Pate

"1 kg mushrooms
"1 egg, oil, lemon juice

And give the mushrooms clean with grinders. Boil together with their juice and salt. After boiling put the bread to soak up the core of all remaining juice and mix well until it forms a smooth paste and consistency. The paste is mixed with a mayonnaise made ??from an egg, oil and lemon juice is not too much to not be too sour. At the end add the garlic and salt to taste. 11. Green bean paste with mayonnaise green beans clean break pieces and boil. Then chop the meat grinder and mix with mayonnaise and garlic. Add salt to taste.

12. Lentil Pate

"500 g lentils
"500 g potatoes boiled in shell

Cooked lentils and potatoes are given by mincer and mix with mayonnaise. Add salt and garlic.

13. Chick pea pate

Prepare like lentil pate.
250 g chickpeas to soak 10 hours, boil and chop with grinders.

14. Spinach low

"1 kg spinach
"natural vegetation
"two onions
"a cream
"2 tablespoons flour
"500 ml milk
"sea salt

Spinach Wash and scald, then drain and chop. Cut onion finely and fry in a little water with natural vegetation. After putting quality onion cream, flour soaked in milk and continue to boil another 15 minutes. Then add spinach and cook 3 minutes longer. At the end add the sea salt.

15. Spinach soup

"2 carrots
"2 patrunjei
"5 potatoes
"two onions
"1 kg spinach
a "cream
"salt, natural vegetation

Clean vegetables and grated give. Peel and cut potatoes into cubes. Finely chop onion. They all make quality natural vegetation, then boil. After cooking all the vegetables are put spinach. At the end add the cream and salt. It can sour with lemon juice or soup broth or after taste.

16. Celery soup with pasta

"Two onions
"2 carrots
"4 potatoes
"1 kg celery
"a cream
"salt, natural vegetation

Vegetables are cleaned, cut into small pieces and natural vegetation calesc with a little water (finely chop onions), then boil. When almost cooked, add flour and cook some pasta next. At the end add the cream, salt and give a boil.

17. Celery with mayonnaise

Peel raw celery, washed and grated Yes. is made ??from an egg mayonnaise with oil and lemon juice and stir with celery. Put salt to taste.
consunata and celery can be boiled.

18. Low nettles

Prepare spinach as well as low. 19. Nettles Rice

Rice pilaf is a plus average in brewed and finely chopped nettles.

20. Nettles with mayonnaise

Nettles are clean and chop the scalding. Mix with mayonnaise in egg, oil and lemon juice. Add salt and garlic. Can be eaten as an appetizer.

21. Nettle salad

Young nettles, washed, drained and finely chopped mixed with cream and salt. It can sour with lemon juice to taste.

22. Cabbage Soup

"Two onions
"2 carrots
"4 peppers
"a cabbage
"500 ml broth
a "cream
"salt, natural vegetation

Finely cut onions, carrots and peppers are cut into small pieces and put all the natural vegetation quality in some water. Then add chopped cabbage and cook total. At the end, put salt, broth and cream. It can sour with lemon juice, broth soup or over.

23. Coleslaw

Cabbage cut fine and mixed with mayonnaise. Put salt to taste and parsley leaves Garnish with green olives.

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