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NUTRITION - free radicals in diet

Menu that prevents aging

Everyone dreams to stop time instead to maintain youth and beauty. Everyone wants to live long but nobody wants to grow old. In reality no one really fears of old age, but know that will not only after her death. In depth, the fear of old age is the fear of death. True, youth has its own beauty, but just and old age. She has her greatness. As the mountain peaks covered with snow are so beautiful, like, white-haired man of the age has its own beauty. America is spending billions of dollars on plastic surgery. To resist nature is not something nice. Instead it's great to be in harmony with nature no matter what offers you: childhood, youth or old age.

"Man is truly beautiful and graceful at the peak of his age only when all follies of youth are gone, the ignorance of childhood no longer exists, the entire range transces man and worldly existences threshold beyond which it can become the witness of all heights it rose, while the world continues to live in dark valleys "

Science today can now prove the causes that produce tissue aging, and how it can be prevented by natural methods, which the ignorant man to ever forget them even if they come from the mouth of professional nutritionists. We know today that due to natural degeneration of the cells produces an increase in the elimination of free radicals, which are nothing but some toxins in the cells. These toxins attack other cells in the body and cause accelerated aging by killing them. Skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles appear. To stop the elimination of free radicals is necessary to strengthen the immune system through a lifestyle that fight against them, which can be achieved by removal of external factors that favor the elimination of radicals. Among them: smoking, ultraviolet rays, chemical food additives, alcohol. Dr. Cooper provides enrichment program diet with vitamins (C, E, beta carotene), fiber and achieve a healthy lifestyle to combat entirely external risk factors.
The daily dose for vitamin C intake should be 1,000 mg ( amount provided by 15 oranges or 10 cups of strawberries or 25 peppers), vitamin E 600 mg (amount provided for 10 cups or 200g walnuts wheat flakes) and beta-carotene 30 mg (amount provided for 3 or 4 carrots or melons 30 fresh tomatoes). Depending on these considerations developed by Dr. Cooper can build a menu for the day:
Breakfast: orange juice, cereal, a yogurt or a fruit and a bunch of grapes.

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